Thursday, August 30, 2007

Well, shoot

It's still here, gracing my driveway. The Bronco, that is. The scrap/junkyard man was supposed to tow it out yesterday. Bob called today and his wife said he was out mowing the lawn. He never returned the call.

Why, oh why, after waiting four years for my husband to part with this thing, why does the only junk man in town not come and get it?

I'm banging my head on the wall here.

In other news, I have a bad case of I-don't-wanna-start-school-itis. The books are all here, I have a general plan mapped out in my mind, but I just don't want to do school! I want to be carefree. I want to stay up late, sleep in late and not worry about school. I have the fourth-year itch, I guess. I keep reminding myself of the alternative and that psychs me up for a second, until, that is, I walk in the school room.

Bob and I talked about it tonight while he was grilling. He told me to take the first two days very easy. That I can do -- and will do.

Public school starts next Thursday. It actually "officially" starts Tuesday, but Tuesday and Wednesday are back-to-school conferences. That's one of the really great things our school district does. Kids got to see their classroom and meet the teacher before the first day of school. Moms and dads got to meet the teacher and see the classroom. We got to take in the hundreds of dollars' worth of school supplies in at conference, too. Okay, I'm kidding, but we used to spend $75-$100 including the tennis shoes that are only to be worn in the gym.

Anyway, we'll be starting up Thursday. In lite mode. I still haven't figured out how to replace the annual Hardee's biscuit and gravy run for breakfast. Thomas doesn't like Burger King's b&g. I could actually MAKE biscuits and gravy, but then I'd be starting the day with a mess that needed cleaning. I'd have to start the day cooking, which I hate. It's just so much easier to get in the car and drive through.

Maybe we'll do Subway for lunch instead.

Do we have to start school again? (Said in a BIG, whiny voice!!!)


Heather said...

You can make b&g ahead of time and refrigerate/freeze. Biscuits get a big soggy in the microwave, but you never notice when you cover it in gravy.

I'm having 4th year itch too. We started on a Wednesday and did easy stuff through Friday, it really helped.

Mama B said...

Oh biscuits and gravy sound so good! I may just have to make up a batch for this weekend!


Sorry to hear the junk man didn't call or come. We've had that happen a few times too with junk men?? Occupational hazard perhaps LOL

Meg_L said...

Does that mean I have the 9 year itch? It doesn't help that Hubby is teaching an 8 AM class, so I either have to get up and shower before him (too early) or wait until he's out of the bathroom (later than I want when I'm not sleeping in).

Kate in NJ said...

lol, biscuits and gravy sound really good! Best of luck for a great year!

Anonymous said...

My solution to the b&g tragedy probably won't work for you, but I think I'd buy a bunch of those foil cake pans and cut them up so that they're big enough for a few biscuits to cook on. Buy Pilsbury Dough Boy biscuits and cook on foil sheets/trays. Buy canned gravy.

Warm up gravy in glass dish in the microwave, someone (not you!) can bake the biscuits. Biscuits can be dropped into bowl of warm gravy. Use plastic spoon. Throw away foil cooking tray, plastic spoon, leaving one bowl to wash, which someone else can do.

Who knows?

Maybe a morning of taste testing at different breakfast joints searching for this year's new breakfast on the first day of school would be fun?