Sunday, September 30, 2007


Since we started school this year, we have listened to our Story of the World CDs again. This time, instead of a chapter at a time, we listened to an entire CD on a daily basis. We missed a few days here and there, but Friday we finished volume 2.

Instead of going on to volume 3, I asked Thomas what has favorite thing about SOTW. The Romans! I asked him why and he talked nonstop for five minutes. Wow, he was listening and comprehending. I asked if he'd like to study the Romans further and he said YES.

Yesterday we went to the library and checked out six books on the Romans. I love our library, but honestly, I'd rather buy books and have them on our shelf. Why? Because all the "good" books were checked out. The library is a wonderful resource if some other homeschooler (or parent or kid) isn't studying the same subject we are. So I took what was left that looked meaty and good. I also checked out the movies Spartacus and Gladiator.

Last night we watched Spartacus.

We all really enjoyed the movie. Thomas got a little bored in the end, probably because it was so long. We stopped, took a break, then watched the ending. Bob thought I'd cry, but I didn't.

When it was over, Thomas scurried about, using up some stored energy. Bob and I discussed the bath scene, which we both thought was steamy for its time. We then discussed Roman and Greek sexuality. Finally, we googled. That was interesting, informative, and thought provoking for me.

Later in the evening, Thomas brought up the fact that he didn't like the Romans anymore because they were mean because they owned slaves. Oh, gosh, did that bring up a long family discussion. LONG.

In the end, we got him to agree to continue studying the Romans. He has to realize that there's both good and bad to history. Slavery is a sad part of history. While he knows about slavery in our own country, we have never studied it in great depth. I can only imagine the emotional response he'll have when we study it in a little more depth.

As for Spartacus, I'm ready to see Goran Visnjic's version. He's steamy and dreamy to me!


Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

I think this is a great way to adapt Story of the World for older kids. Mine would just start to get interested in something and then the chapter was over. Ugh. The really lost enthusiasm quickly. A great book scout use was "Stories of the Romans". I can't find it for find the author, but it is reprinted from the early 19th century and wonderful.

Becky said...

H.A. Guerber. Most of her books are reprinted by Nothing New Press (a Christian hs family business) and carried by Rainbow Resource and other hs catalogues...