Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hump Day

Today I got up and was showered and dressed by 8:15. I had my coffee and nasties in the garage and was raring to go. Thomas, on the other hand, had my yesterday today. He couldn't move. He was so tired. So I set the timer and told him he could sleep for a half hour longer if he promised to get up when the timer went off.

That worked.

So we started working Late, if there is such a thing in the homeschooling realm. However, he was spot on and working hard and he was done with everything, including math, by 11:30. I think we started at 9:30. Woo-hoo. In the afternoon we snuggled up to listen to a CD of SOTW. Yes, I fell asleep again. When it was over, we got up and cracked open the Spanish books.

My eBay purchase arrived. I ordered the lab book/workbook, which also came with a second text. That worked out really well for each of us to have our own text. We worked on our lesson, studied the words, then started talking. Thomas surpassed me in what he remembered. Good for him. As we were chatting, I noticed that the "no pencil marks" lab book that I ordered had pages missing. Tons of pages missing. UGH. I bought it because was described as follows: "THE WORKBOOK SHOWS SOME WEAR BUTR THE SPING IS FINE AND IT TOO HAS NO WRITING OR HIGHLIGHTING." They just neglected to mention there were at least 30 pages missing.

So I'll shoot off an email tomorrow. I've never asked for money back, but I think I'll ask for a small discount this time. It will work, because Bob kept his lab book from college. So I can white out Bob's answers and use that, but what a pain. That's why I wanted a new, clean-no writing workbook to begin with. Oh well.

We still had fun. We ran an errand tonight and were all speaking Spanish in the car. The boys surpassed me, but what great practice.

Who says you can't use a college textbook in 6th grade homeschool, eh? We'll just have to take it a bit slower. It will do.

I apologized to Bob yet again for continuing to move all his college textbooks. We've used a couple already, and I'm sure we'll use more to come.


Bonni said...

Well, you guys aren't alone - we've been having late, sleepy mornings here, too! This morning I was going to read a bit before getting up and suddenly, it was 9:10 and I was waking up.

My calendar is great. Last year I had a problem with the magnets as I had put them on all four corners. I find if you stick the magnets across the top of the calendar, it grabs the fridge well. I even have my page of stickers stashed behind it on the fridge.

I'm so glad you like my calendar. I had someone over to my house who thought it was just the strangest thing that I wrote plans and daily activities on it. I was all self-conscious about it.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

It seems like we just get into a routine around here and it is blown to smithereens by the Holidays! Phew!

So we have had a number of those kind of mornings lately as we try to get back into some kind of routine. Another Holiday has intervened, so I guess we'll just shoot for next week.

Anyway, all the work for the holidays is learning, too. Right?

Hope a day comes soon in which both you and your boy are up and at 'em together!