Friday, November 16, 2007

Merry Christmas in November

Tonight our town had its annual Christmas parade. I swear, every year it gets earlier and earlier!

Bob was rather annoyed because he didn't want to go out and about. However, he was a good sport. We enjoyed free coffee put out by a church, and bought three chocolate chip bars from them to help the coffee go down. Thomas had to pass on the free cider because he doesn't care for it.

The parade was funny! The first five floats drove by SO fast you could barely read who they represented. Then we waited. And waited. And waited some more. Finally the rest of the parade caught up.

Thomas scored a lot of candy.

I just have to talk about something, though. There was a family to the left of us. The mom was standing by Thomas. She had a daughter, about five years old. The daughter was standing about six people down from us by her grandparents. She was a cutie. So anyway, as the candy was being thrown to groups of kids as it always is, it was thrown to Thomas, who was the only kid for about 15 adults. He bent down to pick up his candy and so did the mom standing next to him. She scooped a great majority of it up, turned to Thomas and handed him one piece. She then declared the rest was for her daughter.

Now you have to know Thomas, but if there were a little child standing next to him, he'd probably give them 3/4 of the candy he picked up. He's very generous. I figured the little girl didn't get candy thrown to her. So the snarky mom that I am, I started watching. Every time Thomas had candy thrown to him and he was picking it up, I looked down at that mom's daughter. She was getting candy thrown to her, too. She was picking it up and putting it in the bag her grandma was holding. Yet her mom continued to grab Thomas' candy -- for her daughter, don't you know. I can't believe I wrote "don't you know." I am turning into a Minnesotan!

I'm mean. I pulled Thomas aside and told him he needed to be more aggressive. I told him that the candy is for kids. He was worried about the little girl and didn't mind sharing his candy. I told him I'd been watching and she got candy every time he did. So I pushed him off the sidewalk and onto the curb. Literally. I said, "If you want candy, you get the candy." He's not an aggressive child, so this is against his grain. However, he did it. They'd throw the candy to him and he'd grab to his left first, where the mom was standing, and then to his right. Momma backed off and let Thomas have his fair share.

After a few times candy was passed out, the mom changed her tactics. She then started saying, "This mom wants candy, won't you give a mom some candy, too?" So they'd give to Thomas and hand her a piece or two.

That made the parade very interesting to me. I love watching people in action. Here was a woman very well dressed, and her husband and daughter were, too. The grandparents looked affluent. So it was fun trying to figure out why she needed my son's candy.

I just had to share my snarkiness. It was a fun parade. And thankfully it was in the 40s. We have gone to the Christmas parade in the past when it was 10 degrees out. This was much more fun.

As we drove home, all the neighborhood had their Christmas decorations up and lights on. Wow, we're behind the times. We don't decorate until after Thanksgiving.

Ho, Ho, Ho


Kate in NJ said...

You cracked me up this morning.
That Mom...what was she thinking?
I'm with you on the not until after Thanksgiving decorating.

Mama B said...

That's funny (the candy mom). Strange what candy brings out in others.

Our parade of the year is the St. Pat's parade. Which is great for people watching considering the free flowing green beer!!

Frankie said...

Green beer...not something the kiddos should be running into the street for! lol

I should have just ignored the mom, but I'm just so petty--um, snarky that I couldn't help myself.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

That's a really weird mom you had next to Thomas! I'm glad you encouraged him to be a little more...assertive. And I wonder what that mom's dental bill is like?

As for us, we don't decorate at all! But Hannukah is coming up very soon, and I'll do a little decorating for that!

Hillary said...

We went to a parade in town once, and I was stunned how many grownups would jump in front of children to get candy and beads!

(Beads were the hot item at the St. Patrick's Day parade we went to.)

Thanks for the nomination! You made my morning!

Heather said...

That's not petty, or snarky really. It's fair. I get so irritated seeing grown adults acting this way. How dare they think their kid deserves more than my kid does? It's even worse when your kid is passive, or even generous. Just because Thomas didn't mind, doesn't make it okay. I think you did good, though. I probably would have made a scene ;)

Anonymous said...

They support their affluent lifestyle by selling their parade candy on eBay. The lady was just trying to make a living. I think she maybe could have gotten more candy if she had dressed like a child. It's too bad you didn't mention that to her.

(Now, how's that for snarky?)

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