Friday, December 28, 2007

Frugal Friday

I've been toying with the idea of having a Frugral Friday post every week. I need it.

It seems that I've worked us up into a little bit of debt with which I'm not comfortable with. It will take awhile to get it paid off. That's a New Year's resolution or just a plain common-sense goal.

Time to visit my bookshelf and dust off my dated Tightwad Gazette books. I won't, repeat, won't be making popcicles out of the grape jelly jar reminants. I don't remember if that was in her book or if she mentioned it while on Oprah years ago, but ewww.

It's tough being a single-income family these days. It's even tougher when the mom of that family likes to buy books. And other stuff. And has an "I'm deserving" mentality.

I've put lots of thought into this for awhile: how to save money. I have lots of ideas floating around in my head. I don't know if many would save or not. I have to balance with my energy expenditure -- is it worth it. I need to start scouring the web for up-to-date skinflint sites. I need inspiration.

Next Friday I'll start with real posts on how I'm going to save money, reduce debt and feel a little better. For now, smoke will be coming from my ears as I think this through.


Angela said...

We've been thinking along the same lines here as well. Closing the company made sense for the long run, but we are currently having to pay off its' debt without the benefit of its' cashflow. I'll be eager to share ideas!

Summer Fae said...

I think that this is a great idea! I am also trying to think of ways to cut back and save some $$$.

Kate in NJ said...

We are in the same boat, I'm interested in what you find.

Gerkin Pickle said...

We too have worked ourselves into some debt. It is so easy. When Cool took his new job is was at a higher pay scale but with having to pay more for insurance he is bring home less than before. He bought a better on gas car, we keep the furnace turned down and eat all the left overs in our fridge. It is starting to help but more would be MUCH better. Can't wait to see what you come up with!
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audrey said...

Hey Frankie, that's right up my alley. I come from a frugal mom and have become a frugal mom myself. I hope you don't mind if I piggy back on your Frugal Friday idea? I can think of at least a few good starting points for paying down debts and adopting a frugal lifestyle that does NOT include washing and re-using plastic wrap. (eww!)

Mama B said...

count me in on debt reduction. I'll read eagerly as I don't have much to offer other than the "in the same boat" :D