Friday, January 11, 2008

Frugal Friday

How to save money on food.

1) Pick up a nasty virus that makes you sick.
2) Make sure the virus stays with you an entire week.

I have saved a lot of money on food this week! I have consumed:

Ramen Noodles
chicken noodle soup
Kraft Mac and Cheese -- only when I was so hungry I felt I'd eat the house and figured it was pretty bland -- it worked
soda crackers
three 2-liter bottles of Sierra Mist.

Sierra Mist at our store is 99 cents a bottle, while Sprite and 7-Up are $1.39.

Yup, that's all I've consumed this week.

When I ventured out to the grocery store to pick up more soup, and found the Ramen Noodles on sale and got those too, I asked the store clerk what was going around. She said a nasty virus was going around that was coming out both ends, and that it was lasting a week or more. OR MORE??? Oh shiitake mushrooms.

It's Friday, this bug hit me last Sunday, and I'm still very queasy, not up to par by any means. Of course being a mom, I have to function. Surprisingly, school got done every day this week. Well, not really this morning. This morning after we did all the puppy chores, I collapsed into my bed. I slept until 11:30, clocking about 2 1/2 hours of sleep. That felt so good. Thomas was snuggled up reading a Harry Potter book, taking care of the puppies when need be.

Bob is on his way home today. It was an awful time for him to be out of town. I have been dreaming of Saturday, when Bob will get up and do the puppy chores with Thomas and I can S L E E P in.

Now in case anyone was worried about Thomas getting decent food, I will say again how proud I am of him. He cooked for himself every night. Chicken wings twice (the $5 a bag kind from Wal-mart that aren't precooked, not the $10 a bag that most stores sell), Tuna Helper which he loves, eggs, and I forget what else. He also made a couple batches of muffins, which he loves to do. I'm so glad we've been teaching him his way around a kitchen.

This afternoon we're going to work on math, science and geography and call it a day. We'll then watch the clock waiting for Bob's arrival home.

Sorry, this wasn't really a Frugal Friday post. I just didn't have it in me today to post about snowball payments on debt. I'll do that next week. That takes too much energy on a good day.


audrey said...

I finally got to my frugal friday post, too. Sorry it is up so late in the day, but I was out from 7 am to 6pm on business meetings for my new (great!) job. It was an exhausting day, but fantastic in so many ways. :-)

I hope you're feeling better soon. You've got to get something tastier than Ramen noodles! (((Frankie)))

Summer Fae said...

I am sorry that you have this bug. I had that bug for a week as well. I hated it. I was miserable.

I hope that you are feeling better really soon.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Uh Oh! I think I have a mild version of it. I haven't been feeling up to eating much since last Monday. A week...or more?

As you said...Shittake...

Kate in NJ said...

I'm so glad you are on your way to recovery!