Wednesday, July 30, 2008

wow -- to barlowlf

To Barlowlf,

Thank you so much for leaving the comment on my blog. Your comment brought me to tears--in a good way. I emailed it to my husband at work. I never bother him at work unless it is something important. He had the same reaction.

It was a big deal for me to share the diagnosis here. I felt it was so personal, and since it wasn't my diagnosis, I refrained talking about it while we were in limbo.

Thomas was absolutely insistent that I share the story. It's funny because there are things he doesn't want me to share on the blog. This, he did. He wanted to reach out.

Little did any of us know, someone would be touched so quickly -- or even find our post.

If you continue to read my blog, could you please let us know how your son is doing. Who knows if your son has this, but I'm thankful that you have something to go on. I'm glad that Thomas's story gave you some direction. He will be pleased. This is exactly why he wanted to share.

Best wishes, and you'll be in our thoughts and prayers as well.

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