Sunday, September 21, 2008


Saturday Thomas and I got up really, really Early. One of our neighboring cities was having their annual city-wide garage sale. I have gone every year since I have lived in Minnesota, and always had a wonderful time. (Except when I went with friends who ran out of money and wanted to leave early.) Every year we come home with some really cool stuff.

The city usually rents out their fairground buildings and there were tons of sales inside. This year, only two small buildings were rented out. That was disappointing. We went to sale after sale after sale and they were duds. We came home with two books, one for Thomas and one for me. I spent a whopping sixty cents.

Upon arrival home, I ran to the computer. We had a verbal offer on my Dad's house. The contract was supposed to come in yesterday, I was to print and sign and scan and email back.

There was no contract.

I checked email a million times yesterday. Nothing.

I have to say, I got really disappointed and blue last night.

This morning, Tesla woke me. He was in Thomas's room, whining. Bob was up but hadn't taken the dogs out yet. It was 6 a.m. I got up, put the puppies out, and called down to Bob to check my email. Imagine my surprise when he said, "IT'S HERE!"

The contract didn't come in until late in the evening, and the realtor emailed it after 11 p.m.

Please send good vibes or say a prayer that this goes through. We need closure. The sale of his home, especially in this market, has been a huge worry for my sister and I.

The realtor told us yesterday that everyone uses regular-sized paper now, so I'd be able to print and scan the contract. Lo and behold, the contract is legal size. So I have to see if my printer will even print legal (I know it will, at least I hope) and then I will have to find someone with a fax machine. But first, I have to go buy some legal-sized paper. This all needs to be done early, as the contract expires at noon. I called our grocery stores at 6 a.m. and they assure me they can fax.

So much for sleeping in on a Sunday morning, but what a good reason I can't!


Mama B said...

oh good vibes for the house!! I hope you get all that done this morning - actually I hope that you got all that done already since I'm catching my Sunday reads late in the morning!

Becky said...

Everything I have is crossed for you!

The Cooking Lady said...

You go girl, I hope this contract thing goes through for you.

Best of luck.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

I am so glad that someone wants the house! I am putting on my foil hat and sending forth good contract karma vibes forthwith!

I do hope it all goes through.

Kate in NJ said...

((BIG HUGS)) and major "good vibes"
heading your way!
Sorry to hear your sale day was a bust..we had a great one here! ;-)