Sunday, October 26, 2008

As I Suspected

We are having terrible winds today. I just happened to look out the back window only to notice our neighbor's dead tree, the tree I've worried about for years coming down into our yard, did.

I highly doubt this neighbor will help pay for the cleanup. Luckily the tree missed our basketball hoop and our shed.

I went out and looked, but didn't stay long. There are big, dead branches in his other trees, and when the tree fell, it cracked some of his living branches. With the wind we're having, I wasn't going to chance staying out there.

Thomas has been admonished to not go out there now or even when there is no wind.

I wonder what this will cost? I told DH that he's going to have to go talk nice to the neighbor to get him to get those broken branches cut off. If he doesn't, they'll come down in our yard, too.

These neighbors are senior citizens on a fixed income. I doubt they'll have the money to do anything.

Well, on a positive note, at least the tree is finally down, and no one or no thing got hurt. And when it's cleaned up, and the damaged trees are cleaned up, I won't worry so much anymore.


doc said...

Well, do you need firewood? If not, craigslist or freecycle the clean up to someone who wants the firewood. Tell them they have to take the branches too - perhaps there's a composting/recycle place in your area? I just had three trees taken down, and it was only $20 to have the entire tree taken down, it would have been less to have just the evil branches cut off. Call around and see what the tree guys say.

Carole said...

When a neighbor's tree fell into my Dad's yard either his insurance company or the neighbor's insurance company handled the clean-up bill. Honestly, I call my insurance agent and run it by him/her. No way would I just pay for it out of my pocket. And I agree with Doc. You know Beht's DH, he looks in craigslist all the time for folks wanting trees cleaned up and hauled away for firewood.

SabrinaT said...

Glad everyone is OK.

Jodi said...

Yeah I'd try freecycle or something as well. But you never know, they may end up taking care of it for you. Glad nothing was damaged and no one got hurt. Hope the wind calms down.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Your neighbor's homeowner's policy will probably cover the cost of clean-up and removal. If you want to free-cycle the wood, just have the service people stack it for you.

The Chem Geek Princess just bought her "little house" in ABQ. We noticed yesterday that it had been struck by lightning and that a whole portion of the middle of this great tree is dead. That set of branches will need to be taken out. Her homeowners will pay for the Tree Doctor to come--above the deductible, of course!So check on the deductible your neighbors have as well. If it large for them, maybe they'd like to sell the wood to cover that part of the cost.

I am really glad that everyone is all right. Stay away from those hanging branches until the neighbor can get them down!