Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Mean Parents ~or~ Song Stuck in our Heads

Which cartoon was it that used to give alternative titles for each episode? Bullwinkle? Anyway, this post needs two titles.

Bob came home at lunch today and said he had a song stuck in his head. And then he sang it. Thomas went crazy, because he hates the song. Family Guy did an episode on this particular song. (Yes, I'm an awful mother and let my son watch Family Guy, which is clearly an adult cartoon.)

So Bob and I kept singing the song to the point Thomas was putting his hands over his ears shrieking "Noooooo." All in fun, of course. We wouldn't really torture the poor kid. He was laughing.

So I simply had to hit You Tube, so we could listen to the real version.

Now it will not only be stuck in Bob's head, but mine as well. And probably Thomas's as well.

I plan on turning off Abba, which Thomas does torture me with daily, and playing this song the rest of the afternoon.

Oh, I'm evil. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (my evil cackle) Payback for Abba.


audrey said...

Dear gods! I hate that song. You are an evil mommy. ;)

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Aha! I knew there had to be a payback for ABBA in the wings!

Hillary said...

Awww.... I can't see any video. Just a large white space. What was the song? Was it "Christmas Shoes?"

Frankie said...

That's weird, it disappeared.

It was The Trashmen's Surfin' Bird.

And the joke was on US. Thomas didn't hate the song, he actually likes it, and he was just playing along to make "the old people" feel like they pulled one over on him.

That kid is getting too smart for his britches!

Summer Fae said...

LOL! I will now be singing that song all day.

Meg_L said...

oh, Girl will go around singing that one.

(and she watches Family Guy too!)

Kate in NJ said...

We don't watch that show, but we've seen the commercial, and have been singing that song over and over.

Anonymous said...

*LOL!* I can see that Thomas is not easy to outsmart. :-)