Monday, January 19, 2009


Tonight I am almost giddy. I am so proud our country has finally seen beyond race. I am so proud to be living through this wonderful, historical event.

Mostly, I am so full of hope.

Tomorrow our school day will be spent watching the television. I told Thomas that he can tell his grandchildren about the day, what he was wearing, what he was doing, and the hope that his mother had.

I asked my husband to please pack a lunch and not come home tomorrow. I have never in my life done that. He, the Republican, who did not vote for our new president, is still not overly happy. He has fear. I didn't want him to put a damper on our party day, though. Sorry, Bob--at least he understands.

Tonight I am just so happy, excited and hopeful.


Carole said...

Our TV is on, I've told the kids they WILL be watching the swearing in, the speeches, the amazing transfer of power. They were both too young to remember when the power was transferred from Clinton to Bush. They want to get their work done so they can go skiing tomorrow but this is more important.

I have hope too. But I do not believe for one moment that our country has seen beyond race. How many people voted for Obama so that we would have our first black president? True, some like me voted for him because of his message but others voted the way they did because of his race. I wonder about it as I move through my town, my state and hear folks state--now I have a brother in the White House. No, we haven't seen beyond race, at least not in Delaware. No, they aren't saying this either as a reference to Biden.

Kate in NJ said...

I am certainly more hopeful than I was 8 years ago.
We'll be watching.P is VERY excited to see him become our new president.She was filled with pride last night telling her Dad how she saw him on tv rolling paint
in a shelter. It made a HUGE impression on her. She does not get
the race..when she hears "black/white" she still thinks they mean the hair color
of the candidates.
For the record, her 1st choice was Hillary, because she has "yellow" hair like herself, and her daughter
is sooo pretty. (she is 6 remember)

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I have hope too. We watched the inauguration today too & parts of the other coverage. I really enjoyed his speech. I told the dc to pay attention & remember because they were watching history unfold.

LOL about dh's office lunch today!

the GA peach ;-)

SabrinaT said...

I have hope, and pray that he sticks to what he says. So far he has! He seems to know the direction he wants to go, and is not going to be swayed by either party!
Oh, and did you notice how HAPPY they both were dancing..

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