Sunday, January 04, 2009

Just Thinking Out Loud

I shouldn't be posting this, but it's on my mind and has been since the death of a beautiful 16-year old boy.

First off, I am talking about the Travoltas. My heart goes out to the parents and sister because they have experienced every parent's worst nightmare. I feel for them from the bottom of my soul. I really do. I just cannot imagine what they are going through.

But, I have questions. I would bring these up if this were not the child of someone famous, if I had read the story in a newspaper or online.

First off, if your child has Kawasaki Disease or Kawasaki Syndrome, and you blame it on fertilizers and household chemicals, why, oh why, would you live in a home that is on a runway, with a jet parked next to your home? Can you imagine the fumes from that jet? How could they not get into the home? I just find that very questionable.

Secondly, if you have a child with a seizure disorder, as I do, if the medication you have been giving said child quits working, wouldn't you try new meds? Wouldn't you do everything you could to help the seizure disorder? I know I would.

Grand mal seizures are violent things. What happened to that beautiful boy could happen to anyone with epilepsy. It is a huge fear of mine. Oh, does my heart ache for them.

I've been reading reports for at least a year that Jett was autistic. I suspected it when I saw a photo of him tip-toe walking, several photos of him wearing a hood, and videos showing his mannerisms. I wondered, and then I go back to this: What business is it of mine? It's not.

However, what I'm trying to come to terms with is that we have freedom of religion in this country. What if, though, that religion comes in the way of the health and well being of a minor child? Is it the business of anyone but the parents?

Is a religion founded by a science-fiction writer even a religion?

This could have happened whether he was on medication or not. Not every type of seizure disorder is completely controlled with medication. It is a huge risk. Obviously it was a concern to the family as they had two nannies, both of whom, according to reports, were with him round the clock. Plus, they had an alarm that went off when he entered the bathroom. So it's not as if they were neglecting the situation.

My heart is heavy. This has touched me because it hit home. Again, I, too, have a child with epilepsy.

It is none of my business. This family should be left alone to grieve. Yet I can't help but wonder about it all. Looking at photos of John and his son, you can almost feel the love oozing from John toward his son.

My sincere condolences to the family. I just can't imagine.


Carole said...

I cannot imagine either.

Kate in NJ said...

So sad. My heart goes out to any family who has to go through this.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Some of the questions you discussed have also occured to me. And yet, and yet . . . it is clear that the parents did everything they believed would help their child.

Sometimes accidents happen. And we are left with the if-only's:
-if only I had checked on him one more time
-if only we had decided not to go to the island
-if only that med had worked like it was supposed to

I am sure that the Travoltas are torturing themselves with the if-only's.

If only this were a perfect world!

May the boy's memory be for a blessing to his family and those who knew him.