Sunday, January 11, 2009

Thank you, Audrey

Audrey, the super-sleuth, figured it out. How smart of her to go to the Truman Online Library (hey, she is a librarian) and search.

I'm about 98% certain it was Harry S Truman. I've studied his picture, tried to brush the cobwebs out of my brain, and really tried to re-live that day. I think I was stuck on Johnson because he was one of my Dad's favorite presidents.

I'm pretty sure it was April of 1972. Cold wind would have been normal for spring in Cheyenne, and I do remember there was no snow.

Thank you, Audrey!

That all reminded me that I had met a couple other governors in my day. I "met" Governor Herschler, of Wyoming, in the lobby of the Little America Hotel (my favorite hotel, and Thomas's too!) in Cheyenne. By met, we walked past each other and he said hello to me. I was a kid.

As a grown-up, I had the great pleasure to meet Governor George Mickelson of South Dakota. We sat and visited for about fifteen minutes, just the two of us. I really admired and respected him. He was killed in a plane crash in the spring of 1993. The day of his funeral, my husband and I were driving to Denver because my mom was going to have an angioplasty. We listened to his funeral on the radio, and I actually cried.

If I could meet any political figure of today, it would be our future president.

Again, thank you, Audrey, for solving something that had been nagging at me for decades!


audrey said...

Aw, shucks! 'Twas nothing. I'm glad it was on the right track.

I can't resist a reference question challenge, you know.

Kate in NJ said...

Glad you got an answer!
I would most want to meet Mr.Jimmy.
He has been my fave since I was young.

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