Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Heat Wave

We've had a mini heat wave in our neck of the woods. It feels lovely! We were out and about Sunday, it was the high 30s, and none of us wore coats.

Our back yard is a soupy, wet mess today. This is how I found my doggie this afternoon.


Meg_L said...

First off, this isn't a heat wave, it's a warm spell - LOL semantics are fun.

The puppy picture is adorable!!

Kate in NJ said...

Too cute!!
Well, you'd all probably be running around neked
in our 50s this past weekend. ;-)

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

I love the picture!

We had unseasonably warm weather last week. Now, it is snowing and blowing and generally cold and miserable outside. Our poor Zoey doesn't want to limp up the driveway in the snow, but she doesn't want to "go" within fifty feet of the house, either.
Poor thing.

Frankie said...

Meg, it's a joke.

Thanks, he's a cute goofball.

Kate, no way would I ever run around anywhere neked! I wouldn't want to scare anyone.

Elisheva, I'm so sorry about Zoey. Poor thing.

Jodi said...

Aww cute doggie! We've had a odd warm spell here. It was 70 today!

Becky said...

Well, that's one way to stay high and dry!

I know what you mean about a heat wave lol. We had two weeks or so -- until just the other day -- above 32F/0C and we were so enjoying the warmth. The kids kept taking off their jackets doing chores, and we did see one fellow in town in just a t-shirt!

But the mercury is back down (-19C/0F) so it's back to being truly cold. Oh how I want Spring -- enough to crawl in a flowerpot myself and wait!

jesnicole said...


Kate in NJ said...

A "major award" awaits you at my blog..by the way.;-)