Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Unfaithful Blogger

I have had just a heck of a time when it comes to blogging. I used to love it, post way too often, about all kinds of things. Now? My mind just turns to mush when I think of blogging.

After Dad's death, I guess I just had a major shift. I haven't gone back to where I was before, I've found a new way of living. And that includes not bloging, apparently. I guess my emotions are still somewhat raw and I don't know that I feel like sharing so much.

That, or we're doing middle school, which is a tad more boring. Our lives aren't boring, I just can't connect with my inner creativity and voice. Perhaps I have nothing to say?

I go through this old blog every once in awhile, remembering things I had forgotten. I am glad the words are here, it's my memory. So I'm going to try real hard to blog again. Once a week at least.


Thomas is having a very good school year. Things are going much better for him--and for me, too. He'll be getting braces next month. He's as tall as I am. He's smart, he's clever, he's shy, and he has the most wonderful sense of humor. He can drop a zinger that will have us laughing our heads off. His delivery is amazing.

He's growing up too darned fast.


Wendy Hawksley said...

You're here when you're here. You are missed, but I understand that life happens. Sometimes sharing is the last thing anybody wants to do. Or things happening IRL are more important, and writing about those things just... isn't.

I'm glad Thomas is having a very good school year, and hope it continues! They do grow up too fast. Hope you have plenty of opportunities to enjoy time with your son while he is still a child. :)

Meg_L said...

Ditto everything Wendy says!!

I enjoy reading the nuggets that you do post, but living your life is more important.

Bobbi said...

Wendy did say it all so fantastically.

I love it when you pop in to say "hello" because I do find myself wondering how you have been and what Thomas has been up to :)

audrey said...

You blog when you can blog. I love the fact that nearly every time you post, I was just thinking to myself "wonder what Frankie's up to lately?"

Glad your Thomas is doing so well. My T just turned 10 and I am still adjusting to having a kid that old. :D

Gerky said...

They do grow way too fast don't they? they get man shoulders, their voices start to change and they surpass us in height but not weight. Seems rather unfair if you ask me. LOL

Glad to see you back! Just post when you can. Life isn't about blogging it's about family.

Becky said...

Boy oh boy can I hear you : ).

And I love the monkeys on the template!

Joanie said...

Hi Frankie! I tend to blog in streaks, too. Whatever works for you, works for us. I have a 10 year old son that we are homeschooling and the days just seem to fly by. I enjoy hearing about your Thomas, he sounds like a great kid. Take care!

jesnicole said...

Though our experiences are not the same, I want you to know that I get how you feel. Grief stinks. Hugs to you, hope you guys are having a good school year.

Julie said...

I was just a'stopping by to leave some puppy kisses. Missing you.

Debi said...

Hi! My name is Debi and I also home school an 8th grader. Some days I miss elementary school so much!

I too, lost a Mom. You are right, you are a new you after, not the same.

Hang in there, there is another home schooling Mom out there feeling like you do!

My blog addresses are: (yes definitely is spelled wrong)

come check out my world if you get a chance

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