Thursday, February 16, 2006

Introducing Tommy's Island Oasis (aka my son's website)

My son has been begging me to share the link to his website.

He started out great guns and then slowed down. We need to figure out more content for his site.

He would really appreciate some visits and comments in his guestbook.
He also started a blog, but only has two entries. I'll get him writing yet.

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Almost Lazarus said...

More game reviews - have him add tips or special helps he's discovered (we love animal crossing too)

Movie Reviews, toy reviews (favorite lego set?) Pictures of things he's built (lego, cub scout projects)

Cub corner, tell about what he's doing, where he's at on requirements

Add a tag board so other kids can make instant comments

If he's doing the backyard bird count, his observations

What he's learning this week in school

An animal or bird of the week (a couple sentences)

Maybe organize the whole thing into more of a newspaper format that changes each week, archive the old ones - this could be accomplished with a blog easier.