Thursday, February 16, 2006

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

It's snowing. It's expected to continue well into the night. Public schools were closed today. Our homeschool field trip was cancelled. The Cub Scouts pack meeting tonight was cancelled.

Ah -- another day off this week, and this one "legal." lol My husband even took the afternoon off work to stay home and play.

I'm enjoying this time off SO much that I decided to take tomorrow off, too.

Funny thing is that when we take school off, we still do informal school. Yesterday we had to drive to Iowa (20 miles from where we live) to do some shopping. We listened to our SOTW CD. Then we discussed it.

For a child that was diagnosed with CAPD, was labeled an impaired visual-spatial learner but currently a conceptual learner, with caveats that he will not learn by auditory means, he sure is learning history and remembering it through those CDs. I think there was an error in diagnosis.

Let it snow. Bring it on. All is well in our world. After we dig out this afternoon, I think hot chocolate, a good book, a warm blanket and the big snuggle chair are in order for DS and I.


BridgetJ said...

Your Chicken Fried Steak was a hit with my kids. It was really easy, too! I made some mashed potatoes and we had some corn. I couldn't find any cracker meal so I just beat two rows of saltines with a hammer and they worked great.

We'll definitely be adding this to our menus in the future. Thanks!!!!

Peace, BridgetJ

BridgetJ said...

I took a real good look at BCM today, and I actually think that I won't need any supplements. Maybe a few worksheets here and there. But there is a TON of review and the tests look good, too.

I almost tore it out of the book and put it in a binder today. I know it will work better. But you're right. It's just so pretty!
I'm going to do it this weekend!!

Peace, BridgetJ

Frankie said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the CFS. I used to make the crackers with a rolling pin in a baggie. I never thought of using a hammer -- now that sounds theraputic!!!

You're right about not needing much supplemtation with BCM. I think it's going to be a wonderful program. We're starting Monday -- is that when you're starting?