Sunday, September 10, 2006

CBS, 9-11 and Women Firefighters

I watched the CBS 9-11 special tonight. I was glued to the television. It was so, for lack of a better term, good. I cannot put into words my thoughts and feelings about it.

However, at the end of the program, when they showed photos of all the firefighters that died, something popped into my mind. All were men. Were there no women firefighters there that day? Obviously none died, but were there women?

I'm too tired to do much research, but I did find a website with a short article. It is about Lt. Brenda Berkman. So in answer to my question: Yes, there were women firefighters on the scene.

Here's the article.

I will probably be doing more research about this in upcoming days just to satisfy my own curiosity.

I remember when women were "allowed" to become firefighters way back when. The big question was always, "Do you want a man or a "weak" woman carrying you down a ladder from a burning building?" My answer then and now: Doesn't matter, I want someone that can do the job.

I remember the day of 9-11 well. I was severely deperssed. Thomas had just started kindergarten. He had the teacher from hell. That woman was a b*tch and I do think I could say that to her face, so I feel safe saying it here. She started in immediately. She treated Thomas like garbage. She was a parent's (and child's) nightmare. Eventually after Thomas lost all self-esteem and was depressed himself, we demanded a transfer and a new teacher. Took some time to convince my husband, sadly.

The morning of 9-11, I had decided to "pull myself up by the boot straps" and get on with life. I went to my cleaning group, logged into the chatroom to say hi to my friends. We used to chat for five minutes, then clean our houses for 25, then meet in the chatroom again. It was fun. I needed them that morning to get me out of my funk. Instead, I was informed that one plane had hit the towers. I logged out of the chatroom and was glued to the television for days to come.

I was miserably depressed that year. I had a son who was suffering, a husband who was burying his head in the sand, and I was as down as I had ever been in my life. I was scared and sickened from 9-11. I think the worst thing about 9-11 was there was nothing I could do to help.

What a difference five years makes. My heart still aches, as does everyone's. There just are no words. But life goes on and we honor those who lost their lives by living ours.

Tomorrow we will have a moment of silence. Tomorrow we will discuss 9-11. Tomorrow, and forever, we will remember.


Ms.L said...

I wondered the same thing myself last night too..thanks for the link!
I'm sorry about your son and school.
My guy had a similar experience.
As for 9/ll...
When you said" I think the worst thing about 9-11 was there was nothing I could do to help." that really struck a cord with me.
I felt the same way.
My mum called me,screamed into the phone to turn on the tv,and then my hubby and later the kids watched in horror,wishing it wasn't happening and wishing we could help.

mom2radata said...

Yeah I think many of us have been there done that with the awful teachers.

I don't know why, I just wasn't as shocked as some people. I had been reading about feelings against the US in the Middle East for quite some time and was quite honestly expecting something like that to happen.
I had hoped it would serve as a wake -up call that we need to behave ourselves better. Not so much.