Sunday, September 10, 2006

my downfall

I stole candy from a baby today. Well, actually it wasn't candy, it was the last bag of chocolate chip muffins. Darn, they're good. Poor Thomas was saving the last bag for him, but I ate it. I didn't feel guilty, either.

I wonder why I'm fat -- 250 calories, 14 grams of fat in each mouth-watering bag containing 5 muffins. Argh. Each box has four bags of muffins. Cost is $3.29, or if we're lucky and catch a sale, two boxes for $5.

I don't buy these often because they're gone in a matter of hours. I can feel pounds of fat forming on my body -- my skin painfully stretching by just eating one bag. Okay, I am exaggerating, but I know these are killers for my weight-health.

I make great muffins. I have played around with standard muffin recipes quite a bit and ended up with a mean batch of oatmeal chocolate chip muffins. I also have the very-best-in-the-world bran muffin recipe. Both my concoctions are yummy, healthy, and low in fat -- but they just aren't Hostess Mini-Muffins.

So in terms only a 10-year-old can appreciate: I got the last bag, nanny-nanny poo-poo.

I'm so evil!

COMMENTS FROM THOMAS: What a terrible person to steal from their kid! Those were mine, I'm mad! I love mom anyway.


wisteria said...

You are just awful!!!! And I thought you were such a dedicated and nurturing mother. Who would have thought? If there is anything chocolate or caramel (including the children's halloween candy), they know to keep it hidden or locked away. I can't help myself. Besides, I deserve a little treat every now and then. And so do you!!

mull-berry said...

Good thing you're not a ps teacher ... he'd be figuring out a way to spike your drink.

Get this ... Mythbusters let out a little secret (which I hope my boys didn't catch) ... a few eyedrops in your drink will immediately loosen your bowels. A run to the toilet is inevitable.

mull-berry said...

... adding, they busted that myth but still put ideas in little heads.

Carole in DE said...

How about some recipes? I love making muffins for the boys for breakfast, and somehow if I make them I stay away from them. Now, if I buy them I taste away, gotta figure out what is in them or some reason.