Saturday, October 28, 2006

Be patient with me while I obsess

I know, I know: I'm obsessing.

Snowball's blood work came back with only a very few things slightly elevated and the vet thinks that was just due to the stress of being at his office and getting blood work. He has no idea what is wrong.

Snowball is spending the weekend at the vet's office. He's crated, lying on a heating pad with an IV.

The vet promised to call me today to give me an update. At 12:30 I got a little upset that he hadn't called yet because I knew the office closed at 1. I called them. They changed their hours (or else I was just wrong) and they closed at 12. So, I have no clue how my cat is doing. They're not open tomorrow, either.

They had my phone number, my cell and my husband's cell. GRRRR.

I'm hoping that it is safe to assume he is still alive. Surely they would have called me otherwise. I'm hoping he gets better.

Snowball joined us every day for school. He thought it was quite funny to lie down on Thomas's work. He loved to bat the pencil, too. He looks like a big, fat cat in this photo, but it's mostly hair.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there. If I were to guess, I'd say he was either poisoned by something (many benign substances are toxic to cats) or he's had an allergic reaction to something. The bloodwork is a good sign, it means all his organs are functioning. Have faith.

Doc (sending the big fat kitty healing vibes)

Carole in DE said...

Obsess all you want! We are thinking about Snowball here

Ms.L said...

Ohhh he's beautiful.
I'm happy about the blood work and am hoping he just got into soemthing that has now worked it's way out of his system.

Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

I am so sorry your kitty is so sick! He is just gorgeous. I hope all is well. I feel for you and Thomas from the bottom of my heart. We have lost a few pets here, and watching my children's grief is the hardest. Hope he is on the upswing! Very insensitive on the vet staff's part...