Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

I hope everyone has a fantastic day. We will be carving pumpkins this afternoon, hitting the local haunted house late in the afternoon, then Thomas and his dad will hit the streets and I'll stay home handing out candy.

I love Halloween.

It has turned out to be a happy day aside from the holiday aspect. Yesterday I called the vet's office. I was not given an update, but told the vet would call me. Four hours later I called them again, right before the lunch hour, assuming I would get through -- and I did.

Snowball's body temp was back to normal, he had quit throwing up and he was well hydrated. He told me to come bring him hope as he'd get better faster at home.

His prognosis was very good if Snowball would eat. He gave me two types of special food, which literally stunk. Snowball turned his nose up at it, but being the persistent mom that I am, I spoon fed him. He must have thought he was getting something special because he wouldn't touch the stuff in his bowl, but on my spoon, he ate. He ate again this morning, too. Everything else is working. ;-)

The vet told me he would probably be lethargic yesterday. Well, he wasn't himself, but he was anything but lethargic. He bounced between Thomas and me. He followed us everywhere we went. He wasn't lacking energy. He slept with Thomas last night.

This morning, when we started doing math, I almost cried. Up jumped the cat, laid across Thomas's book, and started batting his pencil.

Sniff, sniff. Our beloved cat is back.

Thank you for all the well wishes.

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Doc said...

I'm really happy to hear this.

My goat, which I love dearly, has been down for a week, and by down, I mean, she couldn't get up.

Last night I was debating how much longer to give her before I had to throw in the towel (getting up every two hours to haul her to her feet so she wouldn't get pnemonia - she can stand for short periods, but she couldn't get up).

About 20 minutes ago I went out to see her and guess what?

She was on her feet. Nickering for a treat.