Friday, November 03, 2006

Weird Craft Site

Because I am a 40-something, bored, lonely housewife whose husband's idea of a great Friday night is to be prone on the couch watching Numbers and then fall asleep, I found myself yet again, with nothing to do. All right, I'm doing laundry, but still. Thomas is no fun either, he is completely absorbed in a book.

Internet to the rescue. I decide to Google craft sites. Thomas likes making things (what I affectionately refer to as messes) and I like to find fun, creative things for him to make.

Before I share the website, I just need to share this. I have a wicked sense of humor. I find some things funny that most people don't. I'm warped and I admit it. Well, maybe not that warped, but I laugh at things my husband shakes his head at.

So this is the site I found. Crafts. I've set the stage, you know I have a crazy sense of humor, right? I've actually just been redeemed. My sense of humor is not crazy, wicked or gross. Someone out there is much sicker than I am.

For the record, I find these tampon crafts gross and disgusting and not funny at all. I do, however, applaud their out-of-the-box thinking. Those earrings -- just GROSS.

I think this made my Friday night. Perhaps the next time I'm PMSing and my husband does everything all wrong, which is always the case when I'm PMSing, I'll join the Menstrual Militia, make myself a special blowgun (and hope Thomas doesn't get it confused with his PVC blowgun that he made) and shoot my husband in the behind with tampons.

Seriously, what are people thinking???


Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm completely offended. Not by the crafts, but by the fact that you'd rather spend your Friday night lonely and bored than come chat with us. What's up with that, woman? ;-)


Heather said...

I knew a girl in high school that would turn a tampon into a "mouse" by prying up little "ears" and drawing a cute little face on it. She would spray it with perfume and use it as an air freshener. She had one hanging in her locker, tucked into her underwear drawer, even dangling from the rear-view mirror in her car. I think the looks she got were worth all the weirdness.

Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

I have to admit, I am ROTFLMAO! In college, we had a roommate that was a complete "rag", all the time. SHe would take the phone and lock it in a trunk when she left for class for the day, and other things like that. Fed up with it, we once took 12 unused tampons and tied them on the inside of her umbrella. When she went out in the rain, and opened it, she got the message loud and clear!

Meg L. said...

Oh, I love that

Sue said...

I clicked on that site without reading the rest of your post and burst out laughing. My dear hubby chuckled and said, "That's gross hun." Thanks for giving me a laugh...I will never look at my kids marshmallow shooters in the same way again!