Sunday, November 05, 2006

Impatiently Waiting

First and foremost, I'm waiting for my sleeping pills to kick in. It's close, but not quite there yet.

Secondly, I have Pete's Pond up on my husband's computer. I'm waiting for something other than birds to appear. I finally downloaded the real player thing-a-ma-bob that we needed to watch, so we just started viewing this weekend. We've seen some type of antelope, and lots of 'em, and two ostriches. I want to see an elephant. I can see becoming addicted to this, because it is calm, peaceful and relaxing to watch. Exciting when a critter comes walking by, too.

I'm waiting for tomorrow morning to come. I want DH to go to work. He was rather, uhm, grumpy this weekend, bless his little pea-picking heart.

I'm also waiting to find out WHY our Taco Bell closed. About five years back, a Pizza Hut/Taco Bell combo was built at a car wash. I love both Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, but when I'm on Weight Watchers, I can actually eat well at Taco Bell without guilt. When I'm not, I eat even better. My husband was on dinner duty tonight and he drove out to Taco Bell to pick something up. When he walked in empty handed, I nearly cried. Pizza Hut is still open, and that's what we ended up eating tonight. Now my DH is sad for me, but happy for him because when we get Mexican takeout, he prefers Taco John's. I'll eat there, and for Pete's sake, I *should* eat there because I did grow up in Cheyenne, Wyoming, home of the original Taco John's, but it just isn't Taco Bell. TB is better.

I'm waiting to start school. I puttered around all weekend organizing, going through books, correlating, etc. We've been doing Story of the World Medieval times, but we kind of forgot to do it the past two weeks. I was getting out all my medieval resources and actually got excited. I can honestly say that I did NOT learn any of that in my public school experience. I learned more when I toured 7 European countries in 35 days back in the '80s.

I questioned Thomas tonight as we were eating pizza. We had done the first three chapters of SOTWII. I asked him who the Celts were. Wow, he answered. I asked him about Beowulf. Again, he answered. He talked about the Romans without my asking. Okay, he's retaining.

This year I decided that because we usually use the CDs in the car, that I wouldn't buy the book. We have the CDs and the activity book. I don't like the activity book except for their book selections. Anyway, that was a huge mistake on my part because I don't know this time period and it's faster for me to read than it is to listen to a CD to know what to plan ahead for. I may, gulp, order the book tomorrow. I wish our library had it, darn it.

It's really funny because we had Thomas tested by the gifted educational psychologist specialist. She was a lovely woman. She told us that Thomas would not be an auditory learner in any respect, especially because he has CAPD -- Central Auditory Processing Disorder. She said he was a conceptual learner. Funny things is, Thomas is a superb auditory learner. That's how he learns best.

As a mom, you should always trust your heart, and follow your gut instincts when it comes to your child. You know what experts, well-informed relatives, and friends don't: You know your child inside and out.

I have a good kid and through homeschool his self-esteem has soared, he is happy, joyous, and perfect.

So I'm waiting for Monday morning, so we can get our week off to a good start. I'm waiting for my fantastic good-morning hug I always get.

Now I'm going to bed because my wait is over, the pills have kicked in.


mull-berry said...

I love Taco Bell,also. My fave is the Burrito Supreme and the boys like the Gordita Crunches! Sorry yours went out of business ... maybe they are regrouping and opening elsewhere?

mull-berry said...

P.S. The elephants have been visiting the pond around 8:30am CST. Yesterday morning, they were doing the wild thing and the camera operator showed it all!!! The elephants must have been riled up because a group of 3-4 elephants (maybe juvinile) ganged up on a peer and knocked him down into the water. Maybe he was messin' with someone's sister! LOL!

Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

We are having great success with SOTW II as well...Girlfriend loves it, and she does not usually enjoy history. I bought the books and the tests, and am pretty happy, though I do wish I has a few maps.

You need to give the LINK for the pond...I would watch that as well. Sorry about TACO Bell, I love their food for a quickie as well. I need to pick your brain about Wyoming sometime soon...DH has a great job opportunity that he is considering, but I want hear about the state from someone OTHER than the company rep! Happy Napping!