Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Never a dull moment

We got up, started school and I was able to get some picking up done. Thomas was having a great "on" morning so I was free to move around here and there.

Thomas was sitting at the table, doing his writing, and kicking his bare feet. He stubbed his big toe on the underside of the table leg and aquired a huge splinter. The splinter went very deep into his toenail. It was highly painful.

As luck would have it (luck for me, that is) it happened two minutes before my husband would arrive home for lunch. So we iced the splinter and waited the longest two minutes. DH got home, and started to dig that splinter out. I was about to pass out. Thomas was screaming bloody murder.

DH was unable to get the entirety of the splinter out. He called his mom, who was an RN for 40 years for advice. We called the doctor's office to make sure his shots were updated. And now we're just going to watch it and hope it works itself out. We applied antibiotic cream to it and Thomas made himself a very cool bandage.

I have a headache now. His screaming, plus the fact that he was hurting SO bad, just did me in. He's fine now, but mom is worn out.

I hate it when things happen to him. I told him it hurts me worse, or at least as bad -- emotionally. I want to wipe any pain he may have to endure away. Then reality clicks in my brain and I know he can't grow without ups and downs -- and splinters -- in his life.

After my husband left for work, Thomas said to me: Thank you, mom, for taking care of me. You helped me a lot trying to get my mind off it and talking to me about last night while dad was digging. It still hurt a lot, but you made it better.

I guess a little love goes a long way.

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