Wednesday, November 29, 2006

School, what's that?

We arrived home this evening. We are all exhausted, emotionally and physically. My husband said to me that I needed to start school tomorrow full swing.



We just got home. I have suitcases to unpack, a gazillion loads of laundry to do, a grocery store to go to, bills to pay, a stack of mail to go through, a check that needs to be deposited, sleep to catch up on, floors to sweep, couches to vacuum. (Snowball shed half his hair while we were gone! There are big, white clumps of hair everywhere.) I have an uncooked turkey to throw out, a fridge to clean and sanitize, meals to plan and cook, cub scout pop corn to pick up and deliver, a cub scout meeting to reschedule. I have a car that is completely trashed full of travel crumbs and dog hair. It is covered in mud as DH's mom lived in the country on red-dirt country roads. I have Christmas decorations to dig out and put up, too. Mine are usually up the day after Thanksgiving.

He wants me to do school.

AAAAAAACCCCCCKKKKK -- I need a wife. Breathe, just breathe.

Thomas and I had a brief conference. He has agreed to do nonfiction reading, spelling, reading, and math tomorrow. Easy for me, I only have to assist with math. Thank you, Thomas, for coming through for me. Oh, he volunteered to do home ec as well.

School. I need a week to get everything caught up!

We're home, we made it safely, thank goodness. Sadly, we killed a deer on our way to South Dakota. It jumped right in front of us and there was nothing possible but to hit her head on. Thomas bawled for an hour. I shook for an hour. DH pulled the deer off the road. Luckily we had no damage to our car.

I am exhausted. Whine, whine, whine.

School. Tomorrow. We'll just have to see about that.

Frankie, the zombie


Anonymous said...

Your DH hasn't yet caught on to the concept that we don't HAVE to have the same schedule as everyone else yet? Sounds like Thomas is going to help you out, and it really won't take much time.
Take a deep breath and relax though. Just because you always have lights & stuff up, doesn't mean you have to do it today either. Do what NEEDS to be done, and remember you have a month until Christmas!

Ms.L said...

School Schmool;p
You're making ME tired reading all the stuff you have to do,yikes!

Carole in DE said...

Welcome back home. Thankfully my DH hasn't said any such thing to me cause I'd react quite violently.

On days like that I say school? Yep, reading and more reading -- that' school time; and home ec skills are valuable too.

Take Care!