Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Fun Fiasco

Oh my. We did our gingerbread house yesterday and today. I was too tired to make actual gingerbread, so we went the cheap and easy route by using icing to glue graham crackers onto boxes to make our house. It isn't pretty, but here's the house. One of the critters decided that it looked pretty tasty and ate three of the cookies.

Okay, I'll admit it, I made the darned house. I was tired and just didn't feel like decorating, so Thomas took over. I think this has to be the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree of Gingerbread houses, it's SO ugly! BUT...we had fun, so that's what counts. Our memory this year will be of the ugly house.

Thomas decided to be creative and make a gingerbread train. He used Daisy from the Thomas the Tank Engine line for an engine, and plain graham crackers for Anne and Clarabel. Velveeta boxes are underneath. You can tell that he cared and had energy when he was working on Daisy, and he too got tired and in a hurry as time went on.


A friend of mine sent me photos of her gingerbread house making experience from last year. She also sent me a recipe. So, next year I promise we'll have beautiful gingerbread houses. Hers were!

I'm not crafty, I don't enjoy making crafts. I don't like the mess. I am a perfectionist and I can't stand it when it is anything but perfect. Just imagine how difficult this was on me! But motherhood has taught me patience. I can do the craft thing, I can put a smile on my face, I can encourage Thomas. I can actually enjoy the experience -- through him. I thought his train was rather clever.

We made fudge tonight. Well, Thomas made fudge, I supervised. Have I ever mentioned, I just don't like cooking, either? I love to eat, but the cooking part is boring. So again, I put a smile on my face and pretend to enjoy myself. Thomas's enthusasim grabs hold of me and I eventually enjoy it. Tonight, though, this thought ran through my head: Who on earth can enjoy standing in front of a stove, stirring for ten minutes so it doesn't burn, then stirring to melt chocolate and marshmallow fluff? My arm got tired, I hate standing still, and it just wasn't fun.

I think in my next life I want to come back as a man. And I want to come back in the 1950s. Then I won't have to cook or do crafts. I can go target shooting, work in a shop, and do manly things that are so much fun. Sheesh, I think I sound a little sexist here.

Well, at least Thomas's train is cute.


mull-berry said...

I enjoy crafts when they serve a purpose ... a gift, holiday decoration, etc. A co-worker and I once made several fake video cameras during one late night work spree. We placed them pointing at the coffee bar and in a work room. The new guy thought they were real! (Just the other day, I saw a fake video camera at an army surplus store ... no guts, just a battery to keep that red light flashing!)

Anyway ... the gingerbread house and train look great. I love the cat on the table!

Kamrin said...

I think they look great! I have yet to let myself be taken in by the gingerbread house and kids. Maybe you are the inspiration I need!

Sue said...

Those are wonderful and I love the cat sprawled out in the back! just think of the memories you created! That is what it is all about. Can you email the recipe for the gingerbread stuff. We are using a pre-fab this year but maybe next year we can make real! Has you dad dug out yet?

Meg L. said...

How cute. My kids especially liked the cat in the background.

Have you tried the Ghirardelli Fudge recipe? It only says to stir 'occasionally'? I have it if you want to try it for next time.

Frankie said...

I want a fake video camera, mull-berry -- want to scare my mean neighbors with it. lol

Kamrin, jump in and do it! I'm going to buy Christmas candy on the 26th to store for next year's house because it gets expensive. Figure I'll get the 50% discount and have rock-hard candy because we don't eat candy anyway.

Sue, I had looked all over for a pre-fab. That's what we used to use, but I couldn't find one this year.

Meg, I'd try the recipe!

And as for the cat on the mother would have a cow if she saw that cat on the table. He's always on the table. I'm always washing the table, too. I'm sometimes a little reluctant to share photos because of the cat on the table and the gross factor, but really, I do wash. lol

Ms.L said...

I think everything looks great Frankie!
Every year we have BIG plans to make a house and never do. It's nice to see somebody is on the ball!

I love the cat on the table,lol
Mine never seem to be on the floor anymore;p
People always freak about that but whatever,they're inside cats,I wipe everything down and really in the long run does it matter much?Nope!