Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas & our 3D Puzzle

Last summer, we went to a neighboring town for their city-wide garage sales. I found lots of bargains, including this 3D Camelot Puzzle for a mere two dollars. I opened it up and found that only one bag of puzzle pieces had been opened. There were several bags inside. The woman running the sale told me she took out a few pieces, decided it was going to be way too difficult and time consuming, and put them back. She assured me all the pieces were there, which I believed. (They were.)

I bought the puzzle because I knew we would be studying the middle ages and castles this year. I thought it would be a fun project. I didn't realize two things: First, that this castle would be sitting in my living room for almost two months. Secondly, that this castle is listed as advanced challenge on Milton Bradley's difficulty scale.

Now in all fairness, we had a lot going on in November. We were gone for two weeks. When we returned home, we were a little down considering we had just lost the Cowboy. So none of us were really feeling like working on the puzzle.

We put up our Christmas trees and decorated the house around the puzzle. (Yes, we have two fake Christmas trees in our living room.) The puzzle sat untouched.

Yesterday I was cleaning the living room for Christmas and I decided I had had enough of that puzzle sitting there. I sat down in the early afternoon. Eventually I moved the entire puzzle to my kitchen table -- much more comfortable chairs in there. Thomas helped off and on. Bob even sat down for a good five minutes. We worked and worked and worked. In between, we finished wrapping presents, made goodies, went grocery shopping, did a few loads of laundry, etc. Work on the house a little, work on the puzzle a little.

Finally, at 2:45 am, I had finished the puzzle. My Christmas wish of getting that thing out of my living room had been realized.

The sad thing was, there were four pieces that were left over. In the wee hours of the morning, I couldn't figure out where they went. Sick of the puzzle, Thomas and Bob sat down this morning and finally figured out where they went. Thomas dismantled the puzzle and put in the missing pieces. Let me just say it is a bear to take these apart.

I told Bob that he could buy me another 3D puzzle as a gift some day. I really enjoyed it. Thomas did, too, but he doesn't have the patience for puzzles that I have.

My two-dollar puzzle was quite the bargain. They typically sell for $29.99. In fact, my puzzle is so old that they have re-vamped it. It is now called King Arthur's Camelot and has much prettier graphics. I think I would like to do The Capitol puzzle next. I don't know if it's in the budget, though. Thomas is game, though I know I'd end up doing the majority of it. And that's okay.

From our castle to yours, we'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.


Anonymous said...

That puzzle is awesome! We always have some sort of puzzle going over the holidays, as we move in and out. I love to stay up late to finish them; there is something so peaceful about it. I realize almost too late that we didn't get one this year! I guess I know what my gift certificate will be spent on!

Steph said...

Now THAT is a puzzle! :-) Merry Christmas, Frankie!

wisteria said...

Love It!!! Merry Christmas!

Kamrin said...

Wow~ That is cool!

mull-berry said...

Great puzzle ... looks like fun. Did you listen to Chrismas carols whilst (hee hee) assembling? Merry Christmas!

Sue said...

That is a GREAT puzzle! Have a very merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I would advise never to buy the puzzle book, the one that has a puzzle on each page, on the right hand page, because they will fall out whenever you turn to the next page and you will spend more time trying to fix each page so that you can (please god!) move to the next page. Also, don't get the Monet puzzle book, because of the same problem which is then tripled due to the fact that ten pieces of a dark blue background with purple flower splotches all look alike and all almost fit in all the wrong places.

Okay, so this is actually my problem, and someone somewhere may actually like the puzzle books, but my advice, stick with the 3D or even normal puzzles.

Anonymous said...

What a neat puzzle! I can see that in my house someday too.

Merry Christmas Frankie & Family!

Anonymous said...

I found the Capitol at a thrift shop for 59 cents about 3 years ago. We got it out and started on it, but none of us were inspired. I think I should have got it when the kids were younger ... like maybe 8-11 or something.

You almost inspired me to go get it out of the guestroom closet, but I've got to finish a quilt first. There's only room for one table in the living room at a time.

Your castle looks pretty. The 3D puzzles are so cool.

Anonymous said...

Love the puzzle.

Muratos said...

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