Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Give me Eight More

Anyone who has ever done an exercise tape knows that phrase, Give me eight more.

I don't know WHAT I was thinking today, but I actually popped an exercise tape into the machine, stood in front of the TV, and moved. Yes, mark this down on the calendar, I exercised. Now I did go "lite" and chose a 30-minute tape instead of an hour long, but I did it!

Thomas was so shocked he ran to tell his father who was in the basement. His father had already figured out what was going on because the house was shaking. (It wasn't really that bad.)

With all the junk we've been eating, I can actually feel that extra weight coming on -- and believe me, I don't need any more, thank you very much. I'm also on a quest to raise my HDL cholesterol number and exercise is the way to do that.

Exercise is something we lack in our homeschool. Thomas plays, and plays hard, and I think that he gets adequate exercise through that. However, I want him to learn that adult daily exercise is a good thing. Kids learn by example, right?

I want to find some kind of exercise tape he can do with me. I have almost everything put out by Richard Simmons, but Thomas doesn't care for my beloved Richard. I think a trip to the library is in order. Hopefully there will be something out there that Thomas can stomach and that I like as well.

I'm still in shock, though. I exercised today. Woo-hoo.


wisteria said...

Woo!! Hoo!! I think we are all due a bit of exercise after all that rich holiday food. Thanks for the nudge.

Sue said...

Oh, oh, oh...get Tae Bo for Kids or Denise Austin's Kids workout. My kids like them! See if your library carries them.

mull-berry said...


Steph said...

Kudos to you for exercising! :-)

MotherCrone said...

Great job~! We have been talking about the same thing in our homeschool. Our kids are much more sedentary than we ever were, and I need to be the one to make exercise as much a part of our day as math.

Great job for getting out there!

Ms.L said...

I always feel so amazing after I work out:)