Sunday, May 06, 2007

Backyard Happenings

If you click on this, it enlarges so you can actually see the bunny.

Fred and Ethel came close to the door for their evening feeding. I got a couple close-ups of Ethel. The first shot she sat patiently for me. The second shot she turned her head as if to say, "Would you leave me the h-e-double-toothpick alone?" As I was watching the ducks, two bunnies came hopping into the yard. When they saw me, one ran for the bushes -- you can barely see its eyes -- and the other froze in its place, not far from Fred.

Bob bought me a shepherd's hook this weekend because I begged. I wanted the bird feeder closer to the window so I could actually see the birds without my binoculars. We have counted seven different birds that we had not seen before. Thomas is loving bird watching, as are his father and I. It amazes me to think that these birds have always been here but I have never noticed. Last year I remember watching two robbins flirting and chasing each other, but other than that, I have never noticed. It amazes me, because now we're always watching out the windows.


samuel said...

I've been informed recently that what the robins were probably doing is called twitterpating. Of course that may be an entirely southern word, but having seen birds doing that, and having kids, I can't think of a better one word description.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

I am so glad that Fred and Ethel are still at your house. What fun!

We have a big tree across the drive from my office window, so I know what you mean about the birds being there, but you never noticed. I have noticed more going on outside my window in the past six months than I have noticed in years.

More power to Thomas and his bird watching. We recently got N. a Birder's Diary, which is a wonderful way to get him involved in identifying birds and beginning his life list.

Kaber said...

what a lovely backyard.Duck, birds, rabbits!!!

Becky said...

That's an even better update than I was hoping for!

Have fun in your backyard, Little Bo Peep :)