Friday, May 11, 2007


Not much to blog about lately.

I have spring fever and am ready to throw school out the window. Thomas, on the other hand, wakes up happy and is ready to go -- after he makes himself some muffins or scrambled eggs. (The mean mom makes him cook his own breakfast -- Home Ec 101) He has even requested that he be allowed to continue doing vocab and logic over the summer. Go figure.

Got new glasses this week. I got sunglasses and regular glasses. The regular glasses stunk! They were trifocals. The store clerk talked me in to getting no line bifocals which are trifocals. What she did not tell me was that that trifocal business was on the sides, not just in the middle. I don't care about aging -- it's a fact of life, but I refuse to be an old lady who has to turn her head to see everything in focus. $320 for these glasses. I was so upset with myself. Then I noticed that there was a very large gap between the lens and the frame on the right side. I was horrified that brand-new glasses would have such a gap. It was an omen. I fretted about it, but the day after I picked the glasses up, I marched right back and told them I didn't want them. The doctor and the clerk were out there and were not happy. The doctor told me that he'd just order me a new lens. I told him that these have to last two years, and at $320 I expect them to be well made. I told him I didn't feel good about these glasses.

Honestly, I would have kept them and grumbled about the trifocal-blurry-sides business, but that crack really bothered me. The store was quite taken back when I told them I would not be ordering another pair. The sunglasses I got are fantastic, and gladly kept them.

I've been checking glasses online and I think I will order from 39dollarglasses. I can get what I want for 89 bucks -- frames and transition lenses. (Sun really bothers my eyes.) Anyone had any experience with that company?

I finally got around to ordering Thomas's standardized test. We have to test each year, but we don't turn the results in. I waited until the last possible minute to order. What was I thinking? It should come the end of May. The lady on the phone was very nice and explained that there would probably be a delay in our receiving the test. I think she was expecting me to grumble. I laughed and said, "That's okay, I was very delayed in ordering." She laughed -- I think she was relieved. We have always ordered our tests from Family Learning Organization. I have always been pleased with the company.

Our ducks are still with us. They come every evening for some grub.

Bob (the builder, ha ha) has been busy on our privacy fence. Thomas has proven to be of great help and has enjoyed digging post holes. Bob put all the dirt from the holes in our garden and Thomas has enjoyed playing in it. Can we say filthy child? I always figure the dirtier the child is, the more fun he/she is having. So go forth and get dirty, kiddo.

That's about it.


Ms.L said...

Aww rotten luck with the glasses.
I hate it when salespeople and tne like act all put out by US,the customer!

I think the same thing! I love it when my kids come in filthy and smiling:)

And I am a mean mum too,hehehehe. They do their own laundry,lunch and breakfast making,room cleaning,bathing etc etc
Do not do for children,what they can do themselves. That's my motto!

Kaber said...

that really stinks about the glasses. They should be embarassed to give such shoddy workmanship for that price!
(or any price, really)

Gavin likes to make scrambled eggs and omlets. I hate eggs so he is free to make those for himself. I like making pancakes and waffles for them. But they like making Fench Toast on their own.

So you have to test, but don't do anything with the results? odd.

Good LUck on it all.

samuel said...

The link is to a blog post about the writer's experience with purchasing glasses online and also discusses the economics of eyeglasses retailers. It's really interesting. If you have your precription, it sounds like it could be a really good idea.

Meg_L said...

When I needed bifocals I went to monovision contacts. I love them. One eye sees close and the other sees far.

You'd think that it would be hard to process the information, but what I think I'm seeing if focused everywhere. I highly, highly recommend that you try them.

I do have a pair of glasses with the transition lenses for when I'm out of contacts or don't want to wear them. I have found that I get a headache from them. After delaying too long ordering new contacts (and then having to wait for them to come in) I discovered the headaches are from holding my head in just the right spot to read. Not fun.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

I am going to check out the glasses on line, too!

Last fall, I ordered new glasses. I waited nearly a month because at my prescription, they are special order. I was told ten days, but then the manufacturer broke the lenses and had to start over. It was a real drag!

I love it when N. comes in dirty and happy! A relaxing bath and a tired boy equals a good night sleep!