Saturday, May 05, 2007

Our Ducks

Here are Fred and Ethel, still with us. We think that they are nesting at the next door neighbor's house under their shrubs. They like to visit us each morning and evening for some grub. We bought a bag of corn. They come up to the back door now for their dinner. They prefer bread, but we only give that to them every couple days.

Thomas and I discussed the fact that they won't eat here if they're nesting in our yard, and he said he preferred they nest somewhere else because he liked to feed them. So we've marked our calendar (May 2nd) the day they stopped hanging in our yard all day and started making their morning and evening appearances. Should take 26 days, plus or minus.

We have enjoyed sharing our back-yard home with the ducks tremendously.

Now, I need to find I Love Lucy on TV because Thomas still has no idea who Fred and Ethel are!

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Angela, MotherCrone said...

I have enjoyed following the adventures with Fred and Ethel. I am keeping my fingers crossed that soon you will have a little web-footed parade!