Thursday, September 13, 2007

coach followup

Underwear/football coach follow-up

First off, I apologize to Iowa. I read the story on an Iowa website, and the incident happened in Cincinnati.

It seems the coach was cleared. I'm pasting the article from

I'm wondering if there's a typo in their article: "The board said it found that Aucherae quit the team, and though he was told to leave his equipment, McKinney walked away and did not realize that Aucherae only had underwear on under his pants." Under his pants? HUH?

This whole thing just seems very strange to me. I tend to believe the boy, but I'm more anti-public educational institution. And no, I'm NOT anti-public education, I'm probably just more so than the average Joe.

Guess we'll never know what happened for sure, but it's fishy.

Years ago an incident happened in a school in the west that made national news. Some elementary school children were subjected to a strip search by their teachers because another student had a missing ten dollar bill. Instead of holding the suspects and calling the parents, the teachers chose to do a strip search. Appalling, eh? What's scarier is that my sister-in-law taught at that school. When we discussed it (and boy was I pissed) she was angry with me. She said that she had just left the school minutes before the search happened; however, had she been in there, she would have done the same thing. We actually got into a very heated discussion. I told her that she, as a teacher, has absolutely NO right to do such a thing. She was ticked that the parents were suing the school district. She claimed it would only prolong the suffering of the children. I told her the parents were absolutely right and the kids needed to know that their parents supported them and that the teachers overstepped their authority.

That was years ago, way before Thomas came along. But that incident has stayed with me. I'm always a little suspicious of "the big institution." And in this particular case, because it involves football, my suspicions are stronger.


CINCINNATI -- Youth league officials decided Wednesday evening whether a football coach should face punishment for allegedly sending a 10-year-old player home in his underwear.

Aucherae Washington told his mother that Coach Curt McKinney berated him during practice, kicked him off the team, made him remove his equipment and sent him home.

McKinney could have been suspended for one or two weeks or expelled from the league, which would terminate the Midwest Marauders team, if he had been found to have broken league rules, said league vice president Donnitta Thomas.

But late Wednesday, the board decided to take no action against McKinney, and his team will return to the field Saturday.

The board said it found that Aucherae quit the team, and though he was told to leave his equipment, McKinney walked away and did not realize that Aucherae only had underwear on under his pants.

"I do not believe that Coach Curt intentionally sent this kid out in only underwear, I don't believe that," vice president Donnitta Thomas told News 5's Eric Flack.

"They say Aucherae quit. Aucherae said he was kicked off the team. Whatever the case is, sending my son home in underwear, T-shirt and cleats wasn't acceptable," Vickie Hatter said.

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Mama B said...

Whew! For awhile I was thinking we'd have to be moving LOL

In anyway that story was awful. Even if the boy misunderstood why didn't the coach stop him from stripping down. Somewhere in that story an adult didn't do what they should have!!

Kamrin said...

My parents put me through a lot of crap, but one shining example stands out of something good they did. A teacher hit me with a yardstick in 6th grade, and left a huge welt/bruise on my upper thigh. My parents raised six kinds of bloody hell till the teacher apologized to me in front of the class. I never expected it. It does mean a lot if you feel like your parents, even if only once in life, stood up for your rights!

Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

He didn't know he had nothing else on under his football pants? What a load of BS! Honestly, as anyone who has had a child who plays football or has any common sense, knows how HOT all tha equipment is. To act as if it is normal for a boy to wear pants UNDER pads and football pants is ridiculous. If the man is THAT stupid, he should not be allowed to COACH!
BTW, isn't it great to have teachers in the family? Some seriously suffer from power delusions that their degree gives them rights over the parent! Ugh!

Kate in NJ said...

Sounds fishy to me too, why would he have pants on under his pants?

Meg_L said...

I don't remember the entire story anymore, but a few years ago a friend, whose girls played soccer at the local high school, told me about some incident where the soccer coach made some quitting girls strip out of their uniforms. GIRLS mind you.

I believe they fired him.