Thursday, September 13, 2007

Is it Thursday already?

My how time flies.

We've had six official days of school.

Thomas continues to do very well. His focus and attention is spot on. Mom couldn't be happier. In fact, he actually has requested that I not hang around as he's doing his work. Woo-hoo. I finally can get up and vacuum, dust, do the dishes, etc.

All I can say is maturity is a wonderful thing.

Aside from his focus, I am very happy with science this year. I broke down and bought a used Life Science text off eBay. We've been reading a section every day and then going to the computer. I have the free United Streaming trial and I bought the homeschool subscription through Homeschool Buyer's Co-op. We're still enjoying the free trial, which is the plus version and contains more than we'll get with the homeschool version, but we're loving every minute of it. I can't imagine homeschooling without it.

After we read in our text, and Thomas asks tons of questions and we usually have some very darned good discussions. We then search the topic we are studying and watch a video. Or two. Or three.

We are both very happy with this. I then make Thomas watch an American History video or two, which he's less thrilled with. He likes ancient history much more.

I'm just giddy with the way the year is starting out.

The only concern I have this year is with math. We used Rod and Staff last year and while Thomas liked but hated it (he hates math, but liked the program well enough) we switched back to Lial's. He's much happier with Lial's, but I'm missing all the repetitive practice from Rod and Staff. As time goes on, I may just switch us. I hate being wishy-washy, but practice is a good thing for him.

Now, the house is picked up, the laundry is done and it's time to put my feet up and watch TV. I was really hoping Survivor would start tonight, but it's not on our TV schedule. Darn.

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Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Hey, Frankie,

It sounds like you guys are off to a wonderful start!

What a good problem to have--worrying about which math to do. Some kids don't need as much practice to get it. I'd go with what Thomas likes if you see that he is learning.