Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I personally find Andrew Meyer obnoxious, arrogant and abrasive. But: So what?

I am shocked at the events that transpired in this video. He was asking Senator Kerry why he conceded the election and the police did not like it. Senator Kerry stated, "Let me answer his question."

This video contains REAL violence and foul language. I did not let Thomas watch it. So make sure there are no kids watching over your shoulders if you watch it just in case you don't want them to see it. However, it would be a very good learning opportunity--albeit harsh.

It made me ILL. I actually shook as I watched it. He was basically a jerk, but what he got was not appropriate, in my humble opinion. I thought we had free speech in America.



Carole said...

So many of our freedoms have disappeared in the last few years. Free speech is by far the one I see most often as gone.

Kamrin said...

And yet, I keep hearing that the liberals are allowed to say whatever they want with no punishment.
Aren't most politically active college students abrasive? I know that they were when I was there.

audrey said...

I could give you a big, long run-down of where your freedoms have gone -- starting with the defiance of Congress in launching the Iraq invasion, the passing of the Patriot Act, the unchecked Directive 51, the establishment of Homeland Security (didn't you know you aren't the USA anymore? You're "the Homeland."), etc. etc. etc.

I have some friends who emigrated to Canada just before the USSR fell. They say that one day, they woke up to find that the country they were born in and grew up in no longer existed.

Yeah. I know exactly how they feel.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Very disturbing.

Yes, Mr. Meyer was confrontational. But he was using words. He made no threats and did nothing wrong.

Mr. Kerry was a guest on this young man's campus. Have we lost the right to confront politicians verbally? It seems that Kerry could have answered the question and moved on.