Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Kid Nation

I know there's been lots of controversy about the show Kid Nation. Thomas and I decided to watch it anyway. I personally love some reality TV (Okay, I love Survivor) and this one really piqued my interest.

Well, we loved it.

My favorite line: "I'm a beauty queen, I don't do dishes."

Didn't like the older kid shoving the council member at all.

I read on the Well Trained Mind boards that one of the moms posts there and her son or daughter was on the show. All I know (or remember reading) is that the mom is from Illinois. Anyone know who the homeschooled kiddo is on the show?


Anonymous said...

I think his name is Nathan. I won't watch the show, tho. I think reality shows are just garbage.

Katie said...

Hello I stumbled onto your blog. I'm a homeschool mom of a 9 year old son. Anyway I just had to comment.

I am a reality tv junkie unfortunately. I was a little upset at the Kid Nation. I felt like those little kids just needed a hug. But now I say that and then I'm proud for how brave they were and strong. I will keep watching but I'm not surprised at all how angry people get over it.