Sunday, October 07, 2007

Can things get any worse??!!!???

Today is my baby's 12th birthday. We celebrated by doing everything he wanted (within reason, that is.)

We were coming home from the park to check on Jerry and then were going to go to a movie. I'm driving on a busy residential street and this dog comes tearing out of its driveway straight into the road.

I slammed on the breaks, but THUD.

I hit the dog. The car behind us nearly hit us. Bob jumped out of the car, I could hear the yelps of the dog. I started shaking. I had to flap my arms like crazy to get hte car behind me to back up so I could back up. I saw Bob carrying this dog to the owner's house and it was limp. I thought it was dead.

I parked the car, checked on Thomas who was bawling, and jumped out of the car. The dog was lying there twitching as if it was having a seizure. Then it stopped moving. I turned around and started bawling. I knew I had to face it, so I went up to the dog.

All of a sudden he jumped up and started running in circles. Bob grabbed him so he wouldn't dart into the street again.

The owner saw it happen. I apologized profusely. I told her I was so sorry, but it just darted into the street. She went into the house so she could find a vet's office that was open. Her husband came and and we all sat around the dog.

He had blood in his eyes, and a pea-sized patch of hair missing from its head. His leg at first appeared to be injured. He calmed down and was walking around. I told the man that I was so sorry, between my sobs, and that the dog just darted out of the driveway. Actually, it sprinted.

Then their daughter showed up. She was about five. She was bawling. She said their other dog had just died and that they just got this dog. Oh my God. Between the little girl and myself, we had enough tears to fill a lake.

I think this was one of the worst things I have ever experienced in my life.

Bob gave them his business card and wrote our home phone number on the back and asked them to call when they got back from the vet. (They found one open about an hour from here.)

As we were leaving, the woman came up to me and put her arms around me. She hugged me SO tight. I was still shaking and crying and she said, "You are forgiven." She then said, "This is how good friends are made."


We then went to the movie and I cried all the way through. The Seeker wasn't a tear jerker. I'm glad the theater wasn't too crowded.

When we came home, I apologized to Thomas for ruining his birthday. He said something about accidents happen and it wasn't my fault.

He's right, it really wasn't my just was.


Wisteria said...

I know you are devastated. I'm sorry.

Mama B said...

This comment is so you know that I'm thinking about you but can't find the words today. (((HUGS)))

Gherkin Pickle said...


Carole in DE said...

"You are forgiven." She then said, "This is how good friends are made."

Maybe this is just the gift that you need right now too.


Kamrin said...

What a nice ending to a heart-wrenching story!

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Oh my goodness!

We have had several close calls like that, and in no case have we actually killed a dog accidently.

The worst was when N. ran into a little Chihuahua named Maria--the neighbor's dog--with his bike. Maria did just what that dog did. She ran right out in front of N. and he could not stop in time. Fortunately she was not hurt.

I the people got their dog to the vet and that all is well with the dog.

And Happy Birthday, Thomas!

Kate in NJ said...

Happy Birthday to Thomas !!

Angela said...

Oh my....{{hugs}}} all around. Poor all of you...and I hope you will be able to shake this soon. Maybe this is a beginning of a friendship for you all. Give Thomas a big birthday wish from PA .

freetofly said...

I am so sorry for your sadness. That is an awful feeling. I hit a doggie on the way to church on Easter Sunday with my two sons about 7-8 yrs ago.

I will be praying for you all and the doggie!

P.S. How kind of that woman to show mercy!