Friday, January 04, 2008

Frugal Friday

Another Frugal Friday is here. I have lots of things I want to write about, but today's thoughts out loud are focused on health.

It's cheaper to be healthy than unhealthy. It makes one feel better, too.

Currently I'm on two medications, one for high triglycerides and one to help me sleep. $50 a month, and that's with insurance. (And yes, I know that's cheap compared to what some people are on.) It's highly likely that if I were to lose weight and exercise daily, I could get off that triglyceride medication. Perhaps the sleeping pills, too.

I always feel icky. I have aches, pains, headaches. My back hurts, my feet hurt, my legs hurt. I get out of breath, I have no energy and I just feel blah.

I used to be a member of Weight Watchers. I love the program. I know it inside and out. I've decided to not spend the money and join again, saving me about $14 a week. Instead, I'll do it on my own. I'll be accountable to myself.

That is the single-most important thing for me to focus on at this time: my health. It wills save me money in many ways.

Exercise is another important ingredient. I'm not going to join a gym -- too expensive, plus I don't like gyms. I was a member of Curves for a long time a few years ago. I liked it okay, and I was able to maintain my weight loss with exercise alone, but it was $30 a month, Thomas was in school then and so I was able to get there at convenient-to-me times (when it wasn't crowded) and I had the money to do it. Now I prefer to save the money, I don't want to go when it's crowded, and I choose to stay at home.

Right now I just need to get moving. I have a puppy, he needs to walk. Free exercise. When it's icy out, we go to one of the city parks because they keep the sidewalks there ice free. So no excuses. I also have a million exercise videos. I love Richard Simmons. I have many others to choose from, too. (Garage sale finds!)

Food: Well, eating healthier will cost a little more starting out. I'll need to stock up, watch sales for chicken, turkey and healthier protein choices and pantry items. I'll have to watch sales very carefully. I'll also be making more trips to the store to stock up on fresh foods.

Careful menu planning will help. I took all of my favorite WW recipes and organized them on one sheet into categories such as Mexican, Italian, beef, chicken, crock pot, etc. That helps a lot when I'm planning. I then plan one month's worth of dinner menus at a time. That way we're able to get variety in what we eat, and we have a little leeway if we're in the mood for something -- I can move things around.

I have looked into The Grocery Game but I don't know that it would work for us. I rarely use coupons because I don't use a lot products that offer coupons. I might revisit this and try their $1 trial, but I have my doubts. I think watching sales ads on my own will work better.

My favorite source of Weight Watchers recipes can be found here. Homemade snacks for Thomas and Bob are in order, which means me being in the kitchen more, but it's cheaper and healthier than buying prepackaged stuff.

Good health is more cost-effective than bad health. If I can take the steps to be healthier, I will save money because I'll have more energy to do more.

hmmm...not your average frugal post, is it?

Just think of all the books I can buy if I get off those medications...$50 a month!


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Maybe it's not the typical "frugal post" but your post is definitely food for thought.

I also had a Curves membership for a while. It was useful, but then we moved out of the city and into the mountains. We have beautiful roads and trails to walk. And it costs us $20.00/year in HOA dues. Loads less expensive.

I find that eating healthy can be done cheaply by frequenting the perimeter of the store and avoiding processed food. For example, old fashioned oatmeal with fruit is much cheaper than boxed cold cereal or instant (microwave) oatmeal. The cooking time is not much greater and we don't get hungry again as soon, either.

I am really enjoying your frugal posts--they are getting me to think about things differently.

Heather said...

Remember that buying whole chickens and turkeys is cheaper than buying pieces, in weight. You can boil a chicken and then pick all the meat off, throw it in freezer bags and toss into casseroles, wraps, soups.. whatever. Those frozen chicken breasts in a bag are LOADED with sodium, even if they are yummy ;)

Also, check out some vegetarian recipe websites. Eating one or two veggie meals a week is not only healthy, it reduces meat costs a LOT in the long run.

barb michelen said...

look this is the "diet" i told you about you should really enter the site :) bye enter the site

Kate in NJ said...

I love your frugal posts!

Summer Fae said...

Great post!

I always wanted to join Curves, but never seem to have the time. When I had my dogs I walked close to 5 miles a day. I love to yoga as well.

Hillary said...

We did the Grocery Game here, and I never did coupons.

We MORE than the $10/6wk. price every. single. monht. Many weeks I'd save over $10 just that week!

I only bought the sales items they listed and stocked up. I'd definitely recommend the $1 trial. It'll give you a good indication of whether it'd work for you.

The only thing is, try it for the whole month. Most weeks they'd list items we use. But some weeks there's be nothing we normally purchase listed. So don't just look at one week's list to make your decision.

Have fun!

Hillary :)