Thursday, January 03, 2008

Some cheese with that whine?

It's 1:08 am. I woke so hot that I thought I would burst into flames. We went to bed early tonight because this mom's sick. Fever, aches, pains, sore throat, and full of whine.

Our back to school has fizzled. Wednesday Thomas did math and then complained of not feeling well. I felt his forehead and he was burning up. He spent the rest of the day on the couch, and was feeling much better by evening.

Thursday was my turn. Only I'm not feeling any better. Thomas did math with me by his side, then he did science on his own. He then read. He's started one of the Harry Potter books. Amazingly, he hasn't read any of them yet. His comment to me was cute: "Mom, reading the book is like *being* there. I love it. It's much better than the movie." Gee, I've been trying to get him to read all those HP books since forever. Although the movies are great, the books are better.

My house is a pit. I have bills stacked to pay. I do have groceries, though. I hate it when my house is a pit and I have bills to pay. Huge weight on my shoulders. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have a little more zip and will be able to get some of those tasks done.

Tesla, our second puppy, will be coming this weekend. Finally. He had a virus and ran a slight fever so she couldn't vaccinate him, plus she put him on antibiotics. He was fine and back to normal a couple days later, but she had to wait a few days before vaccinating. Then she had to wait a few days more before shipping. It all worked out for the best as we were supposed to get him December 27. That's the day we lost Jerry, so we really needed that time to mourn. Now we'll be in happy moods for Tesla's arrival.

We'll be very busy this weekend! And it's supposed to be warm, near 40 -- shorts weather! -- an added bonus.

So I think I'll try to go to bed again. My Motrin has kicked in and I'm feeling a tad bit better. Wishing I had Harry Potter's wand so I could wave it to clean up the house!


Bonni said...

Feel better! Get some rest...the house and the bills will wait until you get to them. I'm sorry to hear that Jerry is not with you any more. It seems like he had such a wonderful life with you guys.

Gerkin Pickle said...

We have had it around here too. Headaches, sinus drainage, body aches, low grade fever, stuffed noses and sore throats. I am finally over it but chip has it now. We are just giving it to one person at a time. cool is the only one left. Hope you are feeling better.


kamrinskarma said...

I hope you get better super soon! I am glad he is enjoying the HP books, I can't wait till mine are old enough to!

Kate in NJ said...

Feel better!
We're sick here too..and the bills are a waiting!