Friday, January 18, 2008

Frugal Friday

Cheap Prescription Glasses

Sometime eons ago, last April to be exact, my eye glasses broke. Bob and I went to the eye doctor, got new prescriptions, and paid over $500 for new glasses. I bought glasses and prescription sunglasses. The sunglasses I got dirt cheap, that is for a brick and mortar store, as the frames were only $19.99 on sale. I think I ended up paying around $85 for the sunglasses.

I hated my regular glasses with a passion. I returned them. Even though my glasses were broken, I was very proud that I marched back into Shopko and got my money back. I kept the sunglasses.

Sam, at A Desk Full of Clutter, had commented about Zenni Optical when I blogged about my glasses and the search for a cheaper pair. He had read about someone who was happy with their glasses from them.

I went to Zenni Optical, looked around, was shocked that they had frames starting at $8 a pair, and quickly made a selection. The frames I chose were $29.90. Well, that is the total for the glasses I chose, I'm not quite sure if my wonky prescription bumped the price up or not.

The customer service was fantastic. Within a day of my order, Zenni emailed me asking for verification of the prescription. My left eye is really bad but my right eye is really good. They questioned that I put the prescription in correctly before they made the glasses. I scanned the prescription and emailed it to them.

Within less than a week, my new glasses arrived. I LOVED THEM. I love them to this day! This is one of my all-time favorite pair of glasses -- ever. They fit fantastic. They're much more stylish than I would have normally bought.

They arrived with a nice case and cleaning cloth, too.

I will never buy glasses in a brick and mortar store again. My total bill, with shipping from Zenni, was $34.85.

The only down side I can see to this is that you don't get them custom fit to your head. I really don't see that as a down side for me at all, though. These glasses fit great.

I highly recommend Zenni Optical! I will always buy from them. It is nice to know that I'll be able to pick up a pair of glasses, and much-needed prescription sunglasses from them for under $100.

That was my best money-saving adventure of last year.


audrey said...

I heard about them recently -- after I spent $600 for my new glasses. Yep, $600, only $100 was the frames. Damn prescription!

Anyway, I do love my new glasses and they're paid for, so, ya know...

I had looked at Zenni and wondered how they would work. It's good to hear of your experience. The woman who initially recommended them to me was also just as positive about them as you. She was so happy, she ordered 6 more pairs of glasses -- great funky things she never would have bothered with before. But, when they're so cheap, it's like buying a piece of costume jewellery -- you can have a pair to match every outfit!

I'll have to give them a try. I need sunglasses.

Summer Fae said...

What a great tip! I am constantly losing my glasses. I could afford to get 2 pairs of them. I am saving this link. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

My husband found out last year he needed reading glasses, and after spending several hundred dollars on a pair at the eye doctor's in town, on a whim at the hardware store he picked up a pair of the off-the-rack non-prescription glasses. He was surprised to find that they are better than the prescription ones. And $15, period, and he had paid for and on his nose five minutes later!

Anonymous said...

Er, he had *them* paid for...