Monday, February 18, 2008

Back and Forth

We've had lots of back an forths lately:

Back and forth travel for Bob. We're about done with that, though. Whew.

Back and forth with the weather. It's average temperature, then it's waaay below average, then it's average again. Currently, it's 0 with a wind-chill of -21. I'd take our average of 20s in the daytime, PLEASE. Hopefully by the end of the week we'll make the swing. Life is so much better when we are in the average range of temps. 20 may not seem warm, but believe me, compared to -20, it is balmy!

Back and forth with illnesses. Thomas is still coughing away, and yesterday I awoke to greet a lovely sore throat, coughing, sneezing, stuffy nose, runny nose, or just icky nose, aches and pains and slight fever. Had it today. I'm sure it will be here tomorrow. Back and forth between who is sick. Thomas and I just keep taking turns. It's too cold to air the house out. Ick.

Frankly, I'd rather be sick at home than being sick out of town. January 6th, the day we got Tesla, the day I was throwing up and more all over Rochester, Minnesota. Yup. I'll quit complaining about being sick, because I'm HOME. What a world of difference that makes.

Back and forth with math. Gosh, our entire homeschool career math has been an issue. Thomas hates math with a capital H. Cannot stand it. I used to like math, but with the stress of all these years building up with Thomas' hate, UGH. First we did Singapore, which was not a good fit for either of us. Then we did Rod and Staff. I loved it, Thomas hated, hated, triple-dog-dare -- no wait, that doesn't apply to hate -- detested it. In between we've done a little of Lial's Basic College Math, Key To Fractions and Decimals, and Painless Fractions. We're about to finish the Key to Fractions and one have book of Key to Decimals.

I am sick of not having a set math curricula. I need something in workbook format. Thomas cannot copy problems from a book. With the Rod and Staff, that I loved, I broke the spine, tore the book apart, three-hole punched it, and put it in a notebook. Thomas wrote directly in the student text. That worked well most of the time. He really doesn't want to do Rod and Staff.

So I've been searching again. There are a few workbook format choices out there, but I think I will purchase Christian Light Education, CLE for short. Lots more algebra than Rod and Staff. The only samples I could find were at their yahoo group, Christian Light Families. Based solely on a few sample pages, plus the index, I think it might work. It's not too expensive, so I can return or re-sell it if it doesn't work out.

Time will tell. No more back and forth with math, that's my biggest desire.

No more back and forth with anything. I am sick of the pendulum. I want to stay put for awhile. I want everyone home, healthy and happy. Is it possible???


One more back and forth. Today, Thomas said to me, "Mom, would you please log out of my Webkinz account so I can play? We go back and forth on who is logged in. I am in love with Webkinz. I like to play Tile Towers (Tai Pei game.) I like to play go fish. I like their arcade games. I like their word games. Gee, isn't it geared for YOUNG kids? Maybe I'm just young at heart, but I really enjoy the games there. So Thomas has decided I need a Webkinz of my own. I think he's right. I just have to figure out which critter I want. They don't have a border collie -- well, they didn't last time I checked. The only down side is I make Thomas a lot of Kinzcash. Oh well, he'll have to earn it on his own.

This mom rates Webkinz as A+ for safety. I don't even worry about Thomas there because the only way to chat with others is by picking phrases from a screen. No typing on your own. So, nice and safe.

Back and forth. Sounds like a hypnotist trying to dull me to death. Sadly, I think it's working!


Heather said...

I can so relate! I'm so tired of this yo-yo weather, I could scream. Freezing cold, then warmish for a couple of days just to tease you, then freezing *&#% cold again! We have a high of 22 today, but will drop well below zero tonight, and only 6 tomorrow. It's just so *draining*, all this cold.

We use Saxon for math. Chad likes it because his lessons are small. I like it because of how clearly everything is explained, and practiced repeatedly. Not for everyone, though. I hope you find something that works for both of you.

Kate in NJ said...

I hope your weather "warms up" soon.
We had 61 here Yesterday, but I have heard the cold is to return this week. I hope you feel better and thank you for the lovely comment on my blog. ((hugs))
Good luck with your math choice..we are still in such early days here, that P loves all her "subjects",lol.
I am sure that will change in the next year or

Carole said...

Math is my back-and-forth issue right now with MK too. We're plugging through Singapore; he doesn't like the word problems in there cause they are so difficult, but that's why I do like it. It really makes him think (and me too). But what to do next year? He is NOT ready for Singapore's NEM, no way near ready. Do I do Key to Algebra like I did with SK? But I still don't think he'll be ready for NEM after that. Or do I do Dolciani's pre-algebra?

And now I need to look at CLE. :-) Thanks!

mull-berry said...

I'm reading a book (Homeschooling and the Voyage of Self-Discovery by David H Albert). His thoughts on math are that kids are smart and they know that they will not need math, therefore ... hate it. And given the chance they need it (checkbook balancing, etc) they will figure it out.

Instead he encourages parents to teach their kids that math is pretty cool ... thank goodness for the internet, you can easily show them the following: Fibonacci numbers (you can order posters or just print one out, or figure out the pattern and make a necklace), fractal geometry, play with zometools. He also suggested checking out some of the puzzles by Charles Dodgson (aka Lewis Caroll of Alice in Wonderland).

He liked Singapore Math (least offensive) but ended up having his kids use the Federal Way Internet Academy because it gave the kids a pretest before any instruction and eliminated anything they already knew ... no busy work.

He also mentions (I'll stop soon) that if a child has expressed an interest to do so ... the math taught in K-12 can be learned in eight weeks. For an interesting read:

audrey said...

We're liking Saxon here, too. It varies things enough to keep it from being complete drudgery, yet has enough repetition for T. in his weak areas.

Have you ever looked at MCP (Modern Curriculum Press)? I had the grade 3 and 4 TM's and student books. They weren't expensive and the student book is all workbook. But, it only goes to grade 6 and maybe that won't work for you.

Another one that is very workbooky and goes to grade 8 is Spectrum Math.

Just some ideas...