Thursday, February 21, 2008


Bribes -- never thought before I had a child I would use them. In fact, I thought it was a sign of bad parrenting.

Not any more. We started playing the bribes game early on. It works!

My latest guilty bribe has to do with school. See, I ordered Christian Light Education's Sunrise (or whatever the heck it's called) math for Thomas. Instead of ordering the 6th grade, I ordered 5th. Now Thomas isn't behind on math, he scores years ahead on computation and post high school on concepts on his standardized tests every year, BUT he hasn't had any exposure to algebra and very little to geometry. I was looking around at the yahoo group's photos, and they incorporate both things in the 5th grade program.

So, most of it will be review -- gravy. There will be ne concepts learned, and I'm happy with that. Now here comes the bribe. After we get it, and have worked it for a bit, I will be ordering the 600 series for THE SUMMER. I don't want Thomas getting behind on the other skills and concepts.

Bob and I broke the news to Thomas at lunch today. He was not a happy camper. He pitched a fit. He was not happy. Uffta. (When in Minnesota, talk like the Minnesotans. lol)

Thomas made a very valid point. His summers are precious to him. He enjoys the freedom of no school. SO DO I. I probably enjoy it more than he does, truth be told. Bob said that if he did this work for us, with a good attitude, we'd get him something. Something big.

Bob was talking Wii -- I told him that's too big. I came up with the perfect solution while reading the Well Trained Mind boardsd tonight: A cell phone. I ran that by Thomas and he was thrilled. He's been asking for one for a long time. All his friends have them. (eye roll) They do, but they're also in public school and going every where after school and the parents use the cell phones to keep track of where their kids are. Thomas just wants one.

So I'll buy him a Trac Phone, get a big plan for him, and we'll call it a day.

I can handle an hour of school every day this summer, right? I can do it.

The thing is -- what do I get for doing math every day this summer? Anything special for me? ha ha ha ha ha


Kate in NJ said...

You are such a good Mom!!

mull-berry said...

With phones, you'll be able to find each other at Wal-Mart!

Carole said...

Your treat for making sure that math gets done through the summer is a ticket to a WARM spot next January and February! Warm like DE, although we are having a snow-ice storm right now.

(note I did not say round-trip-ticket, I think you need someplace warm to be :-))

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

N. would be so jealous. I told him he will get a cell phone when he drives.

Now, I am not so sure. They are very convenient for finding one another in a large, crowded place.

Try to make the math fun and expeditious this summer!
We will probably be doing math this summer, too.

Brit said...

Frankie, I am sorry this is OT, but I have a question about puppies biting. You were the one that told me about how they "mouth", leaving marks. Well our puppy is doing that all the time, and it hurts!! Is there anyway to contact you or ask you about how you handle this?

Heather said...

I find threats work better than bribes with my children. I am frequently saying, "Just do the work. You want to go to public school and do this crap for eight straight hours every day? I'll go sign you up tommorrow if that's what you want." Ahh.. good times. Glad the bribes are working for you though.

The Ufdah thing made me laugh. My Swedish grandmother (as well as several of my Swedish relatives in MN), say that all the time.