Thursday, February 28, 2008

High School, Oh My!

When Bob was home for lunch today, I told him I had started planning next year. I told him I needed him to sit down with me and map out what we wanted to accomplish. We then got to talking about high school and that we should have a good, but general, idea of what we want to do 9th - 12th grade so we know what we should cover in 7th and 8th.

Oh my. I haven't even thought about the high school years yet. I don't want to think about the high school years yet. I don't want my baby to be starting 7th grade, turning into a teenager so soon, either. Can't stop time, though, so I guess I'd best start.

Meg, Carole, and Doc, I may be snooping around your blogs. If you see some crazy stats on your site meters from Minnesota, relax, it's just me.

I think I'll start googling, too. Perhaps I'll pull out my Rebecca Rupp Homeschooling Year by Year book. I don't know if I've ever looked at her high school section. And I also have The Well Trained Mind I can look at.

Sheesh, I don't think I'm ready to think that far ahead. BUT wise old Bob and I figure it's probably a good idea to know where we're going.



Carole said...

Expect an email from me with a very large file attached --- our high school plans. So far we've been sticking pretty closely to them.

Oh, and they aren't on my blog.

Meg_L said...

oh fun! You're starting the high school panic a little early, but better early than late.

Have you reread - - lately?

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Kate in NJ said...

High School? Time does fly...I will be reading closely to see how you do it.;-)

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

You think you're close?

N. starts ninth grade in the fall, Oy! Four years, and my boy becomes a man.
Wasn't he just the cute little guy going out to conquer the world--in his diaper?

Becky said...

Oh my is right!

Gerkin Pickle said...

How are the plans going? I need to start thinking about that real soon myself. Chip is in 7th already. 9th isn't too far behind.

As for our snow, most of it is still pretty white. The snow near the read is icky but the 4 feet of it we have in our yeard is nice and white. Of course we get a new coating every 2 days or so. We are pretty close to beating the record for snowfall. How much have you got up there?


Meg_L said...

Oh where, oh where did Frankie go? Oh where, oh where is she?

Sung to a nursery rhyme (blanking on the name.)

Dawn said...

Frankie - Could you email me? My email is in my profile. I've got some questions about Lia's Basic College Mathemtics for you if you don't mind. :)