Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Night

Another week finished.

School: Uneventful this week. We got the bare necessities done and a whole lot of reading.

Mood: Thomas's mood improved greatly over the week. Mine did not.

Other stuff: And there is other stuff. I started this blog to be an online journal of our homeschool lives. I had intended it to be only homeschool related, but the fact is that homeschool and life cross over their lines. Can't have a compartmentalized life with subdivisions -- life is a whole. So I'm going to be blogging about my health issues, too. Skip on by if need be.

Health issues: I went to my doctor today for a follow-up visit from my hospitalization. May I just say, I love my doctor. He's far from perfect, but he listens to me. I provided him with all my hospital reports. He told me I didn't just experience a massive panic attack, I experienced a massive trauma. No wonder I'm still not recovered.

He says I have generalized anxiety disorder and prescribed a new medication for that. Someone asked me today how I felt about that being in my record. I don't care. If you've got it, you've got it. It doesn't make me any less just is. I just want to FEEL better. And from the little research I've done tonight, I think that may just happen. It gives me great hope!

My doctor is tied in with my eye doctor (part of the great Mayo Clinic -- found everywhere in Minnesota) and I told him about the test that my eye doc wants me to have. I took the list of approved neurologists and he picked one out that he really liked. He then stated it would be a good six to eight weeks before I could see him, so why don't we start the ball rolling by getting an MRI and ultrasound of my head and carotid artery. Sure. That will happen Monday.

With my history of lying down and the vision in my left eye blurring, plus the headaches I always have, he thought that would be a great start to have the info for the neurologist.

So I'm really not so scared about any of this any more, I'm relieved that things are getting done and figured out.

I guess the only scary part is hoping insurance covers the majority of this. Thank goodness for insurance.

Tonight I have not cried. That's a first for this week. I'm usually very teary in the evenings. I just didn't feel down tonight, but hopeful instead. Two steps forward!

Homeschool: We're plugging away, and in the back of my mind I'm planning out next year. I cannot believe my baby will be in the 7th grade. Seventh grade is when I started to feel grown up. It will be interesting to watch how he goes through it, because he doesn't have the social pressures of peers. I hope he'll continue to play still. His choices are maturing -- he wants an iPod, loves his cell phone, he's drooling over a motorized scooter, etc. Yet, he still plays.

The plan for next year is as follows: (I'm not done planning, but so far)

World History: Glencoe Human Heritage. When I get it, I'll decide if we'll do this in one or two years.

Civics, another Glencoe text book. We started that this year, but have not finished it. Thomas *loves* it.

Science: Another Glencoe textbook. This time I won an eBay auction with the teacher's guide, tests, workbooks, etc. So we'll have a little more to go on than just the text. We used a Glencoe life science text this year and Thomas would read it for hours if I let him.

Spelling: I think we need to continue on with spelling, so we'll use Sequential Spelling again
Literature: I think we'll use Lightening Literature. I'll need to look it over before deciding what else we do. I hear the writing isn't the best, so if not we'll use...
Writing: Wordsmith
Grammar: I am leaning on using Power Basics English. Again, I need to have it in my hands to see if I've got overkill going on here or not.
Reading: I am putting together a book list for Thomas to read next year. This year I'm going to actually BUY the books so they're on hand. There's nothing worse than hitting the library and finding they don't have the book (like Anne Frank last year) or else if they have it, it's checked out. I'm spoiled in that regard.
Geography: Yet another textbook from Prentice Hall. Got the teacher's guide and tests,etc.
Foreign Language: Spanish. I have everything we need, intended to do it this year, but it was the one thing that always gave way when we didn't have time. That, plus I was painfully slow in learning vocabulary. My greatest wish is that I could find a Spanish class for Thomas to go to -- but I don't think that's going to happen.
Art, Music: Lots of art projects planned, and music appreciation, too. Toying with the idea of starting piano lessons. Thomas doesn't want to, I'm not keen on recitals at all, but I think one year of lessons would be a good thing. Still debating on that.
Computer: Need to get going on this. Thomas needs to revisit his website. I have a book on Excel. We need to explore Word together, too. Those things are just the tip of the iceberg. Need to find time to get that done this year. Plus, we need to revisit keyboarding skills.
Finally, Math, Thomas's most hated subject: We like it. Thomas didn't going back to Rod and Staff. It just worked the best for our family, but he doesn't like any math program. He learned and learned well from Rod and Staff -- and that's what counts.

So that's the plan at the moment. Have to figure out something a little more formal for phy ed. Swimming lessons in the summer are fine, but we need a little more. Thomas doesn't like sports, so that closes many doors. I'll figure out something.

I used to be very anti-textbook. What I have discovered is that textbooks are great. They're organized, plans are laid out so you know how much to do per day and how many days a week you need to do them. And that leaves open LOTS of room for supplementation. I think from here on out, we'll be very text-book oriented.

And that's life on a Friday night.


Becky said...

Hurray for wonderful doctors :)

I know hs'ing and family life are intertwined, but man, planning out the next hs year after sorting out your health -- you HAVE had a busy week! It must feel better to get things organized, too.

Thinking of you...

Summer Fae said...

I am so glad to hear that your doctor is taking good care of you.

Next year's plans sound great! I haven't really thought much past math and science for next year. :-)

Have a great weekend.

Kate in NJ said...

Your Doc sounds great..listening is good! ;-) I'm glad he has the ball rolling so some of this can be sorted out for you and I hope it helps you feel better soon! ((hugs))
I am amazed that you got all that sorted out with all you have had going
on health are such a great Mom!

audrey said...

Ditto on the doc. He sounds really on the ball! I'm glad you're feeling more positive. That helps.

Your school plans sound good. I haven't got to planning out next year too much. Just the basics.