Monday, April 07, 2008

Stink, Stank, Stunk

I fear my future blog entries are going to all be negative. Please, forgive me.

School today? Stink, stank, stunk. We both had a terrible time getting started up. We finished three subjects. It took us all day. 'Twas an awful day.

The house is a pit, I have bills to pay, dishes to wash, laundry to do. I took the weekend off and so did everyone else. Big mistake on my part. At least I got unpacked.

I actually snuck in a nap this morning, too.

Tomorrow is another day. While Bob might be upset with what little we accomplished, I'm cutting Thomas and myself some slack. Each day will be better.

If I had three wishes to be granted, this is what I would wish for:

1) Good health for my father -- and all my loved ones, but especially dad.
2) Easing of Thomas's struggles with life in general at the moment.
3) A maid, a cook, an errand runner, a bill payer, a laundry doer, a tutor: Wait, what I need is a wife!


Wisteria said...

I find that when we have a particularly stinky day, I just give us a reprieve and take a walk. I highly recommend it. You are dealing with so much more right now. You especially deserve it.

sheila said...

Ugh, I'm with Wisteria: get thee outside and go walking. Then drink some hot tea or coffee, with sugar, and think of an ocean or something. Breathe deep. But the outside experience is what always gets me out of my bad times.

We had a weirdly terrible day today, too, I guess this is why I'm commenting (I usually don't). Take care.

Meg_L said...

LOL - When I was working as a engineer at my first job, the other woman engineer and I used to joke that we needed a wife to do all that "other stuff" and make us nice lunches.

Anyway, remember that this is one reason we homeschool. Dealing with life can be overwhelming at times and that is where you are, the academics will still be there when you all have your feet back on the ground.

Learning to deal with pain and sorrow are big learning moments as well. Dealing with this now and seeing you deal with it, will make Thomas a better person down the road.

The academics are always there. Learning to be human only happens when it happens. Please don't regret what isn't getting accomplished.

contemplator said...

:( I'm sorry you're going through so much right now. (((Frankie)))

Christy B said...

Clicked through to your blog via Doc's (where I mostly lurk, and pay attention, and try to learn).

My dad had a heart attack a couple years back . . . I will never forget watching as they loaded him into the helicopter to be airlifted to another hospital. My mom fell and broke a vertebrae this winter. Both times, we put school (work, life, etc) on hold and my girls were devoted nurses. And both years, my oldest daughter's yearly test scores (taken for the benefit of the state) blew me away. I was sure we had "lost ground" in academics but I was proven wrong twice. And yeah, we'll be working through the summer, too. Because homeschooling is real life, and in real life, you put your family first but the work still has to be done.

Your son sounds like an amazing young man. Be kind to yourselves and take time to regroup (not to say that getting back into the books is a bad idea -- anything that provides normalcy and structure can be good).

My warmest, heartfelt wishes go out to you and your family.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Ah, Frankie, the others have already said what I was going to say. Another suggestion, take a few mornings and get the house in order and the bills paid and all of that. Thomas can help and I'll bet he will, too.
Use the afternoons to nap, walk, read for pleasure, play with the puppies, or whatever suits your fancies and your budget.

Next week, when your life feels more managable, start again. You might find that it will go better that way, and Thomas will retain more when you are both ready.

Take good care of yourself right now. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Sara said...

I'm sorry things stink right now. You are so right about the list of helpers - we all need a good wife to do all the other stuff so we can focus on our "real job".

I hope things get better soon.