Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sunday, Sunday

Dreading Monday. I think getting back into the routine will be good for both Thomas and I, but I’m dreading it nonetheless.

Yesterday I didn’t shower and get dressed until afternoon. Same today.

I tried to get a nap in yesterday, but the phone kept ringing. One time it was dad calling on his new Jitterbug phone. That was a nice surprise.

The whole family packed up and hit Wally World last night. We were looking for an intermediate sized crate for Tesla, but they didn’t have one we liked. What they had was a bit too small, and the large was way too large. We need to venture out into the real world soon as Tesla is too big for his crate now. He fits, he curls up fine, but I’d like him to have a tad more room.

I bought myself something last night. A Bissell stick vacuum. I was getting very sick of lugging around my small canister vac to do floors. Dad had a cordless Shark that was good at picking up chunks on carpet (dog food, big crumbs, etc.) and that got me to thinking about my own floors. I tried his Shark on his wooden entryway and his laundry room floor. I wasn’t impressed. I was, however, impressed with the way it was light weight and easy to maneuver.

I looked online and found some great stick vacs, but always impatient, I decided to buy one at Wal-mart last night. It was only $19.99. Bob put it together for me and I am very surprised, but it works very well. It’s like a Dust Buster with a handle and floor attachment. The only drawback is that the cord is so short it won’t reach the entire floor in my kitchen. So I need to run out and buy an extension cord for the thing.

It’s the small things in life that get us through – and having something new to vacuum my hardwood floors is really the highlight of my month.

I have been avoiding looking at school work. I should be sitting down going over things, but I can’t bring myself to do it. Tomorrow is going to be a difficult day for both Thomas and I. Thomas is very upset that we’ll be doing school until the end of June. Can’t be helped, though.

I’m thinking of cutting some subjects short. We had started studying civics, which we both really enjoyed. It’s not imperative that we finish that this year, though. I’m going to scrutinize my list and do only what is of utmost importance: math, science, reading, grammar and writing. I’ll tweak as we go. I’d like to throw history back into the loop, but I’ll let time tell. We do need a gentle day tomorrow.

I’ve been looking at cell phones, or prepaid cell phones to be exact. The last time Bob was in South Carolina, we got hit with a cell phone bill that was over $200. We typically pay $86 a month. Our company just got bought out, and the new company charges you .10 a minute if you’re not on one of their towers. What a jolt to the system that was after we were used to never paying extras for years. My cell phone bill from Denver is going to be a KILLER. I bet it will be over $300. You just have to have a cell phone in an emergency.

So, while in Denver I bought Thomas his first cell phone, a Trac Fone. We couldn’t get a local number with the phone he got, so he got a Colorado phone number. It was easy to use, and the cost would be very cheap if we got the high minute card and double minute card. He used his phone everywhere – including all the way back to Minnesota – and always had coverage. I looked at some of the other prepaid phones, and it looks as if the Trac Fone would be the best bet for us. My plans are to switch to unlimited long distance on my land line and just use the cell phone when out and about. I use my current cell for all long distance now. I think that’s what we’re going to do. In case of emergency, Trac Fone cards can be purchased anywhere, so I could buy a big-minute card if need be.

I hate making decisions like that, but I really detest our new phone company. I went in person to the local store to ask about and then contest that big phone bill, and they were so rude I filed a complaint. I talked to the service center online and they weren’t much better, but they did cut my overages in half. We had such a great deal, and it’s gone. None of the other cell phone companies in our area are nearly as cost effective as our old plan was. So, prepaid wireless it is.

My mood this weekend has been very low. Friday night I cried for about four hours straight. I had cried off and on during the whole ordeal, but not for long. At home, safe and sound, I was able to really let it all out. I hate being so far from my dad. Thomas has been very upset this weekend as well. He’s actually had a few crying spells himself. I had to remind Bob to go very easy on him because of all the trauma he has experienced. I cannot imagine what Thomas is thinking – it was hard enough on me, and I’m over 40. How on earth a young child would process all that happened is beyond me. He doesn’t really want to discuss anything. Typical male, perhaps? He’s letting off steam slow but sure, though. Bob and I have both told him that if he needs to talk, we’re here. I’ve also asked him some prompting questions to get him to open up a bit. He’ll talk a little but then just tell me he doesn’t want to talk about it. So I’m going to let him be, yet be there for him. He’s like me, he’s somewhat delayed reaction. I have a feeling as we get back into our routine, he’ll have an emotional week. As will I.

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Nothing special to say, just letting you know I came by and I've been thinking of you.