Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Woe is me

One thing after another, lately. Bob had a medical emergency Monday which required an emergency room visit, 10 stitches and in the future, advanced dental care to the tune of 5000 - 7500 bucks. Hoping insurance covers this.

I was so hoping to get back to normal -- but I forget what that is.

For some reason, my life seems to be riddled with worry. No control over anything. Time to search for a new normal. I'd try it, but I just don't seem to have the energy yet.

We have a date set to go back to Colorado and clean dad's house out. As sad as it is to close down a home, his home, I'm so anxious to get it done and over with -- steps toward that new normalcy.

On the school front, I need to order Thomas's yearly standardized test, a requirement of the state in which we live. We will do math, grammar, writing and reading for the summer. Thomas is not pleased at all, but we simply must.

My house is a mess. My finances are a mess. My life is a mess. Baby steps -- getting school back up and running will a huge step in the right direction. Getting caught up on the bazillion loads of laundry will be another.

In our town, the private schools are done for the year and the public schools finish this week. It hardly seems fair that we'll have to keep going -- especially since we're emotionally drained. That's why I chose to do only the things of most importance.

If I were rich right now I'd:

1) Hire a tutor. Something I've *never* thought of in the past.
2) Hire a cleaning lady.
3) Hire a cook.
4) Hire a gardener.
5) Have a spa treatment.
6) Find a box of Calgon and use it.

Instead, I will luxuriate in the aroma and beauty of the bouquet of flowers my good friends the Georgia Peach and Heath surprised me with yesterday. Thank you so much -- you can't imagine how much that lifted my spirits. It's things like that which remind me of how rich and fortunate I am.

Laundry and math call . . .


Anonymous said...

I am in much the same boat, but I do have big long hugs to share so here is one for you! {{{{{{{}}}}}}}}

Mrs. Darling said...

Ye sit does eem like htings get overwhelming at times. I tutor homeschool kids and would gladly tutor yours if I lived closer. And by the way Ive had a housekeeper for two years now. There's just some things that have to give! Hope things get better for you. Im doing laundry today too. Im also schooling through the summer. You are not alone.

audrey said...

Hey, it'll be okay. We're going to do math and work on cursive this summer. T is actually okay with that. He thinks it's a good idea because, to quote him, "I'm getting good at math. I don't want to forget it all now!"

mull-berry said...

Glad Bob's okay ... sounds like a nasty spill. Sending good thoughts your way.

Mama B said...

Take care Frankie! And I hope Bob is feeling better! Send Thomas our love and "same boat" from my small guy.

He's going to be finishing up a few things over the summer too and none to happy at the thought either. *wry grin*

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Oh, Frankie, do not worry overmuch about the math. Some homeschooled kids learn all of pre-algebra in 60 days. It will happen.

I hope Bob is recovering nicely, and that the insurance does its job and pays for the ER.

As for you--please cut yourself some slack. Of course things seem very chaotic right now. Of course you are close to tears often. This is normal. As time goes by, Thomas will learn math, Bob will heal, and you will get the house cleaned up. And if the house stays a mess a while longer, who will know? Who would care?

Along with the math and housework calling you, I believe I hear another call: Calgon, take me away!

Kate in NJ said...

((hugs)) You are in my thoughts.

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