Friday, June 13, 2008

One Last Thing Before I Leave...

There was a story in my local newspaper this morning about a wonderful program I wanted to share. Not for kids, but for our vets.

There is an organization called Honor Flight that sends vets to Washington, D.C. for free so they can see their memorials. Right now their priority is WWII vets because we are losing an average of 1,200 WWII vets per day. In five-ten years' time, they will all be gone.

This really touched me and made me tear up. I will be making a donation in my dad's name. If you know any WWII vets or any terminally ill vets, send them the link.

Apparently there are two organizations with similar names, and the one I have linked to is the only one that offers free flights.

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Wisteria said...

Thinking about you. Are you all right?