Sunday, July 20, 2008

Yet ANOTHER ER visit

I'm not kidding. I think we might as well move to the hospital.

Thomas was outside playing this evening. He was riding his bike with his friends and got hot and thirsty. He came in, grabbed an Orange Crush in a can, and went back out. He was not "drinking and driving", rather he drank his pop in our driveway with the other kids surrounding him. Then he decides to crush the can up and put in his pocket so he doesn't litter.

Big mistake.

Upon crushing the can, the aluminum broke and cut his hand and thumb. Bad.

He came in and was nice and calm. Bob helped him clean up, putting his hand under running water. It wasn't until I came in and did that mom GASP -- you know the one, it sounds like the end of the world has come -- that Thomas freaked.

I don't do blood or cuts well. Or bodily fluids, but luckily we only had blood, although I did feel like throwing up. lol

We cleaned him up and headed for the ER. Only five stitches. Thomas cried because they didn't give enough deadening medication. Every stitch and tie, Thomas cringed and cried. I felt awful for him.

And then it was over. We went to Walgreen's to get some new, fresh antibiotic ointment and large band aids, and then to Dairy Queen to celebrate the fact that it was done.


I am so sick of hospitals, doctors, and the smells and memories associated with them. As we walked out, I joked that I thought we were through visiting these places and Bob laughed an evil laugh. I should have known better.

It was only stitches. It could have been worse. I'll count my blessings. And Thomas will never smash a pop can with his hands again. Ever.


Anonymous said...

Bless ya'lls hearts! You can't catch a break can ya?!? I am glad it worked out, but I am so sorry ya'll had to deal with that! Speedy healing!

Heather said...

Do they have punch cards at the ER? Maybe you could win a vacation or something.

I can totally relate on the blood and injury issues. Cadence once lost her fingernail in a door-slamming accident. I wasn't even there when it happened, but I had to wash her finger every day. It was gruesome. I felt bad for her, but I couldn't even watch what I was doing without feeling dizzy and nauseous. Not ashamed to admit I made my son do it a few times.

So, I'm glad you BOTH made it through okay.

Kate in NJ said...

I am glad it was just a few stitches
and not something more terrible..I held my breath when I read your title. I agree with Heather..maybe
you could get the tenth visit free
or something. ;-)
((hugs)) for you all having to endure such a year...I do hope it gets better soon.

Gerkin said...

Dairy Queen is a great way of celebrating. You have had a tough summer...I hope you both are feeling better this morning.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Ouch! When N. had stitches a few years ago, I think I was more hysterical than he was!

Dairy Queen after sounds like the best part of the whole experience.
You're a good mom!

Summer Fae said...

I am glad that he is ok. I don't do blood well either. I am impressed that you could stay in the room while he got stitches. I would of had to leave...needles & I don't get along.

Me said...

Well, of course I remember you! And lucky for me, who is bad with names, you share your first one with my sister-in-law! Thanks for the comment on my whole family had a very enjoyable and memorable time at the zoo that day. Hhmmm....I also think I know the little birdie that refered you to my blogsite....LOL! I'll have to tell her thank you for uniting my blogger newbieness with another family blogger, and a seasoned one at that! Hope your son's cut heals quickly :o) I'm very grateful that the only bandaids my kids are currently wearing are due to overscratched mosquito bites. Thanks for getting in touch with me!

Ami said...

Matt did that when he was nine.

He was sitting in the front yard a little before bedtime, and for some strange reason thought his soda can would make a good accordion.

It took six stitches in one finger and nine in the other... the one with the cut artery and all the (pardon me, but I must say it) meat hanging out.

He has never squashed a soda can again.

Becky said...

Poor Thomas! How is it healing?

In more ER related news, Davy ended up at the hospital last Wednesday night for an x-ray and a cast on his left arm (and yes, he's left-handed, ugh). One of Tom's cousins was rough-housing with him and tossed the kid like a softball, breaking his arm. Unfortunately, there was no catcher...

I keep telling myself, they're young, they heal quickly :)