Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Thank you, Dad

I've blogged about my CD player dying. Lots of people recommended a Bose, but I just couldn't afford it. Nor could I afford a new boom box.

Dad to the rescue. Dad's been gone for almost four months already. Sigh. I still miss him, but time is easing the sting, just a tad.

Every year for Christmas, Dad would send us a check. He gave Bob and I $100 each, and Thomas a different amount. I hoarded my money. I'd spend it now and then, but I had a special place in my home that I would hide my crisp $100 bills. I hid them so I wouldn't be tempted to spend them on groceries or necessities. I have dipped into that stash from time to time for my traveling, or other nice things just for me, but I always kept a reserve.

I was down to $200. I was also "down" listening to our music and SOTW on horrible speakers. I would hear a cacophony of music or words that would make the hair on my neck stand up. I couldn't bear to listen.

So I grabbed that $200 and went to Shopko. I bought myself a JVC Micro Component System. It has an iPod dock. I don't have an iPod, I have a Creative Zen. I may just start saving for an iPod, though even though I wanted a Shuffle, which won't work with the JVC.

The sound on this little mini-stereo, as I call it, is fantastic! I couldn't be happier. SOTW sounds great, and so does Abba. I bought a cheap $9.95 Abba CD for Thomas on the first day of school, and we have listened to it a million times already.

I'm thrilled. It makes me happier to think that this is a gift from my Dad. I have just little money left to start my iPod fund.


Sara said...

A good use for the money, and nice that your dad can give you yet another gift.

Becky said...

Another wonderful way to remember him :).

Glad you're all enjoying ABBA -- now you'll have to rent Mamma Mia when it comes out (for you, not the boys!)

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Oh, that is a nice way to remember your dad as you listen to your favorite music.

Enjoy, Frankie! You deserve it!