Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Sleep has been much improved this week, thankfully. I know it's only Tuesday, but I'm hopeful.

At any rate, I have noticed that during Thomas's least favorite subject, math, I get so tired I could just pass out. It doesn't matter what time of day he does math. It puts me to sleep.

He still can't stay focused unless I am sitting next to him. He's a lot better, but remain, I will, until he's "there."

I still marvel at how he has matured since last year. It boggles my mind.

I still marvel at how much he is able to write: handwriting, copying math problems, etc.

But why, oh, why does the math make me fall to sleep?

I think we have a math phobia in this house: He hates it, and I hate sitting through it. sigh

I'm a mean mom when it comes to math, though. Mean in that I won't let up, because it's so darned important.



Gerkin Pickle said...

What are you using for math? I want to look into Teaching Textbooks. I have heard good things about it. We have used MUS and the kids hate it. We have used books from the Amish bookstore and I hate those because there are no teacher manuals and I have to do the math in order to check their work...lol. We are using a free math site this year that seems to be working pretty well. OK...my dissertation is done...lol.

Gerkin Pickle said...

Oh, that is the wrong ID...tis me Gerky, your Iowan friend.

Frankie said...

We're using Rod and Staff, and find it the perfect fit for Thomas.

The problem isn't the program, it's me getting tired while he's doing math. It's just draining
He hates math, no matter what program we use.

It reminds me of when I was in elementary school, watching that clock, eagerly awaiting it to hit 3:00 and dismssal. I just get so tired sitting there while he's doing his computations. It doesn't matter if I pick up a book, hop on the computer, or do anything else that might be considered fun: It's boring for me to sit there.

If I don't sit, his mind will wander and he's in la-la land and forgets to work.

It just makes me sleepy!

I was thinking of looking into Teaching Textbooks for the higher level math. It is always highly recommended.